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AT&T U-verse Service

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never get AT&T


get comcast it may cost more but you get 3 times as much stuff as soon as my contract is up i will be getting rid of AT&T I wouldn't recommend it to any one they don't have that much on demand our internet and tv stop working at least once a day the internet is slow dont waste your money

flint michigan


I would recommend this service


Love having all the channels to watch and great bundle with internet. They was the only one who would give me service in my area

Gaffney, South Carolina


Terrible Service


Terrible service, never have decent connection! Have had two people come to resolve our issue but still no luck.

Milton, GA


I would most definitely buy at&t u verse sevices


Good Internet



Worst internet service


Att have the worst internet service then anyone else around. They charge outrageous prices for the bare minimum internet speed. Compared to xfinity att internet is the turtle and Xfinity is the hare. Lol if you get what I am saying. I will never get the internet service again.

Jacksonville, Fl


Its the worst service


This was awful from day one. Our installation was a nightmare it took 8 hours and the installer was not prepared with the right tools. The internet was always down and the tv service was not clear. We never received the correct monthly promotions they offered us for signing up. We canceled within 3 months

Fenton, Michigan


Wouldn't take them again if they were the only provider


Cancelled my phones, tablet, internet and cable in April. They won't unlock our phones and are still billing me for a tablet. On the phone for the 4th time tonight, this time for 2 hours to be told, we owe the bill and never cancelled. Even though I spent 2 hours on with them last week and was told it would be cancelled and we didn't owe anything. I don't care if moved somewhere that only they serviced. I will NEVER use ATT again.

Baton Rouge, LA


Love the PIP but hate the on demand


The ability to pause live TV and picture and picture guide is awesome the only thing that needs to change is AT&T's on demand options new shows take about a week to show up, and it's not enough shows available.



Never buy from AT&T again


The worst experience I've had with AT&T Wireless all they will do is lie to you to get their business it's a large corporation but why should people be lied to because I went into the store to get service they offer buy one phone get one free added up you're not getting a free phone also they said that 3 months will be high bill that is true but you're built like they say it will not lower all they do is scam people to get business and that's how they make a large business I would not recommend AT&T to no one,... they don't deserve one star !!

Balch Springs Texas


Absolutely dissatisfied


I am beyond upset with AT&T as a service provider. We have their internet, and ever since we have had them we have SEVERAL areas in our house that do not get reception. Unless we are in the room where the box is, we get slow, awful wifi. One time we needed a one eek extension on our bill, and we completed the prompt on the phone to receive it. The phone even gave us a confirmation number. A couple days later they still tried to take the funds and overdrafted our account. When it didn't go through they shut us off. When we called to explain the situation the first lady told us there was nothing she could do. Spoke to another guy who helped us out, but we still had no TV or internet for 2 days. Do NOT recommend AT&T and really wish e weren't in a contract with them.

Melbourne, FL


AT&T U-verse Service

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