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Moisturizing Shampoo
Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo

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I love the smell of this shampoo- it's a great Aveda smell, but overall I don't think this was worth it. It doesn't wash my hair well and leaves it feeling heavy. While it does make my hair appear a little more sleek for a day, I end up having to wash it the next day or it's too oily. I understand that it's for moisture, but unless you have thick, really dry hair, you may want to just use the conditioner (which I LOVE by itself) and choose a different shampoo. I have long, fine but thick hair. My stylist recommended this for damage, but I think the damage remedy is (as it's aptly named) better to control damage while this (also aptly named) is better for serious moisture. Should have listened to my gut and not the stylist... Effectiveness It definitely adds moisture! But too much for me.



Low-foaming natural shampoo cleanses without stripping.


My favorite 2-in-1 volumizing shampoo was discontinued 5+ years ago and ever since then I have been on a hunt for another go-to shampoo. I don't have dry hair so I never used moisturizing shampoos before, but recently I discovered that some sulphate-free moisturizing shampoos provide in one step nearly the same reliable result as my old miracle 2-in-1, without my needing to follow up with a conditioner. One of my new favorites is Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo. It is a concentrated paste with an unusual unisex spicy scent I really like. It is full of gentle yet effective natural ingredients and none of the harmful or questionable ones (parabens, pthalates, sulphates etc.) I prefer to avoid. My scalp used to be oily while my ends were dry, but since I switched to more natural ingredients and products like this Aveda shampoo, my scalp and hair have balanced out and become become normalized. (Could be coincidence but I don't think so.) Dry Remedy Shampoo moisturizes my fine, wavy, lightly color-treated shoulder-length hair just enough without weighing it down. I agree it is expensive but if you use it correctly you find you don't need a lot to get your hair really clean (and not as much as you might think compared to a regular liquid sudsing shampoo). One 6.7 oz tube lasts me a few months with daily use and half a year if I use it only 2-3 times a week. Be prepared for a bit of a learning curve if you are not used to low-suds shampoo or concentrated paste shampoo, It is worth the effort!

Cambridge, MA


Aveda Moisturizing shampoo is my solution!


A friend introduced me to Aveda and I am so pleased with the product. I now am also a user of Aveda conditioner. It promises to be above and beyond and for me it has been. I love the scent,and my hair has never looked better. I'm always asked what hair product I use since I switched to Aveda. My hubby loves the smell. It has a fresh coconut smell. It gives me lots of volume and is not harsh in any way. We recently went on vacation and I used the hotel brand and what a disapoinment that way. The first thing I did when I came back was to grab the Aveda and make myself and my hair happy again. If your looking for a top notch product that's not hard on the pocket book the look no futher. You will be happy with the result, and I promise you'll be sharing the information with your friends as well. It's wonderful to have hair that is healthy and shines and is trouble free. Oh and don't forget to get the conditioner as well.

Little Rock, AR


Great shampoo


I have to admit I was a little nervous about purchasing such an expensive shampoo.  Like many of my friends, I was a Dove girl.  However, I noticed that my hair seemed to be growing tired of my Dove shampoo.  I really felt like I needed a break from it.  I decided to purchase a bottle of the Aveda Hydrating Shampoo after talking to my sister.  She has always praised the entire Aveda line.  She is a very loyal customer.  So, one day I found this shampoo on sale.  I decided to give it a try.  Boy was I surprised at my results.  The shampoo smells soooooo good!  Plus, my hair seemed to drink up the hydrating ingredient.  I could immediately tell that this shampoo was going to really work well for my highlighted, long hair.   While using this shampoo I have had several of my friends and especially my coworkers comment on how nice my hair smells.  Although I smell this fantastic scent while washing my hair, I was not aware that my hair still smelled so great after going to work.  Who doesn't like that?  I will try to purchase this same type of shampoo again.  I hope I can find it on sale.  It is really nice.  But, for a girl used to paying for Dove shampoo....I am a little unsure if I will change.

Castle Rock, CO


The best shampoo for color treated hair.


I love the Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo!  My husband bought it for me because I dye my hair a lot and this shampoo really helps restore the softness and moisture to my hair.  Most recently I've been wearing my hair blonder and the blonding process really takes it out of your hair but this shampoo helps get my hair back to normal after highlights.  I also use the complimentary conditioner, Dry Remedy conditioner and it helps a lot.  I would recommend this shampoo to frequent hairdye users and anyone with dry hair.  It will definately help you restore lost moisture to your hair.  Make sure you buy it from an authorized Aveda salon.  Occasionally you will see it offered in drugstores or grocery stores and this may not be the real product.  There are a lot of knockoffs on the market these days and although the bottles look identical the product inside is an inferior formula and who knows what it will do to your hair!

Decatur, GA


Aveda Hydrating Shampoo is the best salon shampoo on the market.


Aveda Hydrating Shampoo is by far the best shampoo I have ever used.  Aveda is an exclusive brand to salons, if a salon wants to sell Aveda Products then they must become an Aveda salon, and only sell their products.  Thier products are not only great for your hair they make you feel like you just stepped out of the salon everytime you take a shower.  They are by far the besy smelling and most effective products on the market today.  For anyone who is trying to find the bsy salon, Aveda salon's are the top ones, and if they are looking for the best products they can never go wrong with Aveda, it works so great, it's not over priced and it lasts.  I recommend them to all of my friends and my family, and I recommend them to you.  No matter what you have tried in the past you will be amazed and fall in love with this product just like I have, and my friends have as well.  It is definitaly worth the money, and you willl see a vast improvement in such a short time.

Prairie Grove, AR


Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo

4.5 6