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Black & Decker
Black & Decker 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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Great Little Gadget!


We received this toaster oven as a wedding present, and it is quite possibly my favorite appliance. I love making toast in the toaster oven. It took me a few tries to figure out exactly the setting I liked my toast on, but it browns my toast nicely and gives it a good crispness. We have made everything else in it as well! Frozen pizzas do much better in this than in the oven, and we have made frozen dinners, broiled chicken, heated up leftovers, and so much more with it. My only issue was trying to bake potatoes in it. They never got quite done the way that I like them even after following the directions and cooking for much longer than it said. Even Heating Everything I put in seems to be heated very thoroughly. In the past, this is an issue that I have had with other brands of toaster ovens. Ease of Cleaning Probably one of my favorite features! The pieces come out easily, and it is very easy to reassemble as well. Durability The oven seems un-breakable. I really like the way the buttons work and they do not seem like they are going to break in my hand



Handy....why did it take me so long to get one!!!


1.) SIZE. The Black & Decker Perfect Broil Countertop Oven is a six slice machine ( although if you use the larger specialty breads you won't get more than four slices in it) so you can actually use it as an oven as well as a toaster. 2.) FEATURES.  You have the options of Broil - Bake - as well as Toast. AND settings from 150 to 450 degrees.  You have a pull out crumb tray which is awesome. Just pull out, give a swipe over the trash can and no more smelly burnt crumbs. Also there is the darkest- lightest toast setting. It goes off and a bell sounds when finished. You can also set it to stay on. So if you are broiling several trays of appetizers it doesn't go off and have to heat back up every time. The shape of the oven inside is designed so that a pizza will fit perfectly. With the middle of the oven rack curved so it will fit. It has a keep warm feature. A timer up to 60 (sixty) minutes. It has a broiling pan as well as the small baking sheet. There are brackets on the door that you can place the oven rack in so that it pulls the rack out slightly when you open the door. Love this!! CONS. For some reason that I can't explain you have to set the timer for toast past 20 (twenty) minutes and then turn it back down to the darkest/lightest toast setting. This is in the manual. I don't understand it but really, I can live with it. The other con is DON'T put anything on top of the oven. The top is HOT! The odd thing is that if you hold your hand above it, it doesn't radiate heat, but if your in contact with it-- it is hot. The final con is personal preference I wish it had two racks so at times I could do more with it. PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS: Since stainless and black make up my kitchen so this fits right in. Simple clean up with amonia. It tells you what to do if you have that burned smell, in the manual it says "to freshen" put orange peel on rack and turn on the heat!  Oh and thats another thing the owners manual was actually written by humans for humans. It says concisely what needs to be said and doesn't leave you scatching your head. There are even about 10 recipes in the back of the owners manual (the herb roasted chicken is AWESOME). Which I think is a great way to show you that it does more than toast.  Since mobility is an issue with me, to be able to have this at counter level is really a big deal. I don't have to bend over and stretch past a hot oven door to take out dinner. What this all boils down to is this.....why did it take me so long to find it!

Stratford, OK


makes my life so much easier!


i was always a toaster girl... growing up we never had a toaster oven so we simply used a toaster and/or microwave for all our heating and toasting needs.  my sis-in-law always swore that a toaster oven was the way to go.  i believed her, but still had never tried one.  UNTIL, my aunt got me a toaster oven for christmas.  it is so much better, and so much easier to use! leftovers, toast, desserts... you name it... you can pop it in the toaster oven and it comes out wonderful.  not at all soggy as a microwave can leave some items or overdone as  toaster can do.  just perfect!  and it is easier than a oven to heat up and use when wanting to warm up leftovers, carry-out, etc.  i would recommend a toaster oven to everyone; and black and decker is such a great brand you simply cannot go wrong with it.  plus, i feel so much more at ease with kids using the toaster oven over the regular oven.  they can simply throw in pizza rolls, bagel bits, hot pockets and they are done in minutes.  amazing!

Rockford, MI


Black & Decker 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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