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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Toast-R-Oven 4-Slice Toaster Oven with Broiler TRO420

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A good oven for baking polymer clay


I purchased this oven to bake my polymer clay projects so I'm not sure how it works to actually cook food. I needed an oven that was strictly for craft projects. It heats up quickly. I have read reviews by people who say the timer doesn't always go off but I have not experienced this. My oven "dings" loudly when the timer reaches 0. It is easy to clean. Beware that the unit does get hot to the touch when it's in use so monitor younger individuals who may be baking in it. You do have to watch the height of your craft project as the oven has only about 3.5" from the heating element which is in the top of the unit - not the bottom. Beads and flatter items work best. Overall, I am very happy with this item. Even Heating Projects heat evenly unless they are taller. You do have to watch that the uppermost part of your craft doesn't darken as it will be nearer the heating element. Safety Outside of unit will get very hot when in use. Don't leave anything lying on top of the unit and watch "little fingers" don't get burned. Ease of Cleaning Reach in and wipe it off. Baking tray has lip so nothing rolls off. There is a pull out tray in the bottom. Durability I have been using my unit for about 6 months and it still works like new. Design I would have preferred more than the 3.5" space between tray and element but the unit is small so easy to store.



Toaster R Oven


I love my toaster oven, not a day has gone by since I've had it. Even Heating Everything I put in it comes out evenly cook. I cook everything in it, hardly ever using my large oven unless I'm cooking for company or church meals. When using it to reheat something like pizza or biscuits, I put it on about 150 degrees and it comes out like it has just been cooked. It also does a wonderful job of broiling chicken or fish! Safety The signal light always lets me know when the power is on, so it's never left on accidentally. Ease of Cleaning After using, all I have to do is wipe any crumbs or splatters. I have several different trays I use to hold the food, and I just take them out to wash and put back into my handy oven, ready for the next use. Durability I use it every single day, usually at least twice, and it still cooks like new. Design I love the white design, goes well with anything. Also, it's small and compact and can be taken along when going camping or staying someplace where a small oven would come in handy.



Black & Decker Toast-R-Oven 4-Slice Toaster Oven with Broiler TRO420

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