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Connecta Solarweave

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Connecta Solarweave so lightweight, comfortable


Here in Florida, the outdoors can be brutally hot.  But the best things to do are outdoors. The Connecta Solarweave is a great choice if you are looking for a baby carrier that is lightweight, breathes easy, is comfortable, and is easy to pack. I bought this shortly after my daughter turned 1.  I was given a Baby Bjorn Air carrier as a shower gift, and I bought a Maya wrap ring sling and used those during her first few months.  I used the Maya more when she gained head control to carry her on my hip, but after my daughter turned one, she was too heavy to comfortably carry in it.  So I hunted for something I could use to carry her in a back carry. I bought a Vatanai wrap after hearing so many people say how wonderful it was for the summer.  I hardly use it - it's hot and hard to use.  So I turned to a buckle carrier.  After reading about the advantages of solarweave fabric for its breathability and being lightweight, I opted for the Connecta. And it was exactly what I hoped it would be.  It is very comfortable to wear my daughter on my back for trips to the farmer's market, the zoo, on walking trails, or any other outdoor venue.  Unlike the Bjorn Air, which was made of a mesh-like material that my daughter hated because it dug into her skin, the solarweave fabric is soft and comfortable. It offers good support too, as lightweight as it is, so I don't worry about sag or distortion. And I love that it folds up so tiny - really easy to put into my bag for those "just-in-case" outings. My daughter is now 24 lbs and 31" and we still love the Connecta.  I'm a larger woman - 5'7", size 18, and I find it very comfortable.  My friend who is 5'2", size 4 also adores it. So, if you're looking for a buckle carrier that you can use in the summer and in warmer climates, I'd highly recommend the Connecta Solarweave.

Jacksonville, FL


Connecta Solarweave

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