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Dove Cool Moisture Facial Cleansing Cloths

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Great facial cleansing cloth!


I use Dove bar soap for my body, so why not also use a Dove product for my face? I will say that this isn't what I use everyday for facial cleansing, right now. Sometimes I do, but often times I use T.N. Dickinson's Witch hazel, because it is a little quicker for me in the mornings when I am rushing to get out of the house. HOWEVER, this is still one of my favorite facial cleansing products. The cloth itself is really soft, which, I honestly was a little sceptical of when I first found out about the product. Just a little warm water and the cloth suds up and is ready for usage. I cannot think of any negative things to say about this product. I have a few boxes and intend to use them for many years to come. I do love the convience of being able to use the Dove Facial Cleansing Cloth and then throw it away. I love having a cloth to cleanse my face with, but I hated having to clean it after cleaning my face and then I went through them quickly, because after two or three usages I wanted to get a clean wash cloth, which is reasonable (at least I think so). Enjoy!

Antioch, TN


Dove Cleansing Cloths are great for Sensitive Skin


I had used one cleanser for years when it suddenly started to irritate my skin. My skin became more sensitive to the sun and I frequently had blotchy red patches across my cheeks. I knew I needed a new cleanser, but I was worried about the price of trying out new products, and how it would affect my skin. Luckily for me, my doctor recommended Dove Cool Moisture Facial Cleansing Cloths. They come packaged in a plastic tub, each cloth is soft and woven. You just add water and lightly rub to create suds. I wash my face in small circles to distrube the soap, and rinse my face with cool water. The cloth is much softer than an ordinary wash cloth, and even without lotion the cleanser leaves my cheeks feels soft and clean. There are a few downsides to this product: the tub it comes in is very large, and each cloth is single use. The tub takes up about half a shelf in my medicine cabinet, and with a small bathroom I prefer to have all the storage room I can get. I try my best to recycle and reuse also, and I always feel guilty when I toss out the clothes after using them. The cleanser is really wonderful and soothing, and the cloths are so soft for now it's a great option.

Tempe, AZ


Great for on the go


I have a small child and things are always getting sticky, these wipes are great both for me and for her especially when we are on the go.  I always keep a pack in my purse and you never know when you will need!  Verry useful...

New York, NY


Dove Cool Moisture Facial Cleansing Cloths

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