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Dove Cool Moisture Foaming Facial Cleanser 6.76 Fl Oz

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Dove Cool Moisture Foaming Facial cleanser is refreshing!


I tried this product because I trust the Dove brand and I wasnt let down.  It  not only cleaned my face but also left it feeling refreshed.  I typically dont enjoy foam cleansers but this product changed my mind about that because of how well it performed.  I will continue to use this cleanser and will recommend it to my friends.  Dove never lets me down.

Vincentown, NJ


dove cool moisture cleanser leaves your face soft and clean


I love the feel of the Dove Cool Moisture cleanser foam it's soft and easy to use and makes you face feel refreshed and soft. I hate using cleansers that leave your face feel stripped of all your natural moisture. The price is reasonable and it's easy to find at almost any drug store. I love it when I get a coupon or a special deal on this product. I also like the idea of the Dove program for young girls to love themselves I believe this speaks well of a company that is in the industry of beauty products.

Warren, MI


Dove Facial Cleanser Is Gentle and Refreshing!


I was on vacation when I realized that I forgot to bring my facial cleanser. It was a rural area meant for getting dirty by playing golf,  going horseback riding, and going  fishing, but I still wanted to be clean. Off I went to the nearest little grocery store, and that is where the kindly elderly cashier introduced me to Dove Foaming Facial Cleanser. She told me that most of the women would drive an hour to the nearest city, but she really didn't understand why because she always carried Dove products, especially the facial cleanser. I decided to gamble and bought the lathering cleanser. Well, that was the first time that I have ever won at gambling! That night I felt dirtier than ever after fishing, but I took the Dove Facial Cleanser, worked it into a creamy lather, and enjoyed that fresh, clean feeling it leaves you with. I had learned something new, and I had saved gas and money by listening to one of the local women who told me to buy Dove Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Watkinsville, GA


Great Facial Cleanser - DOVE


dove is a great facial cleanser. i tried many facial cleansers and atlast ended up with dove, it suits all types of skins and acts as a good moisturiser. it cleans your face and makes you feel fresh. you can visibly see the difference in your skin after few days of using it.

Rancho Cordova, CA


A real Dove fan


Dove Cool Moisture Facial Cleanser is perfect for my complexion since I live in AZ.  My skin is dry and this product does wonders for it. I like the way it foams and does clean so well.  I always buy Dove products because of their excellent quality.  This product is just as excellent. 

Tucson, AZ


Dove Cool Moisture Foaming Facial Cleanser 6.76 Fl Oz

4.2 5