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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka Capture Plus Pet Lover Bagless Vacuum

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I am disappointed


The first day I used this vacuum I was very happy. However, by the third use, the vacuum would overheat after just vacuuming three rooms. Not very large rooms! It takes the unit 30 minutes to cool itself down. During this time you cannot turn it on. You just have to wait. Not worth the time. Cost is good and when it works, it is great. But I am always having to wait for it to reset itself. Not recommended.

La Mesa, CA


Good eureka vacuum


We have two indoor chihuahua's which leave a lot of hair, one is a long haired and one a short haired.  I have a Royal canister vacuum but the pet hairs kept getting around the roller which in turn would break the belt and tear up the rubber holders on the roller.  We bought this Eureka Pet Lovers vacuum because of all of the hair.  It has done a good job, so far.  Gets up a lot out of the carpet, and I only have two rooms and a hallway that I vacuum.  Easy to empty the canister.  There are several things that could be improved though.  You have to unroll the cord every time you want to use the vacuum and the cord gets in the way as you are vacuuming.  You also have to roll up the cord every time you are done vacuuming.  Also, you have to clean out the canister and the piece underneath the canister at least once  a week or it has a terrible odor.  Another problem is that the vacuum is very heavy so it does not manuver very well.  All in all it is a pretty good vacuum for the money though.

Rural Retreat, VA


This Eureka Pet Lovers vacuum is the best vacuum ever!


Ok, I have been thru many vacuums in my lifetime, as a matter of fact, 3 in ONE YEAR! I have learned that most only last 6 months and after that, suction is lost and no matter how many new filters or belts you put on, it's never the same. My mother always bought Eureka vacuums and they all lasted for years at a time, and she only got new ones because she liked how they looked and wanted to stay current lol. I should have known that the brands I bought wouldn't last. I won't mention their names, but I will mention that I have had this vacuum for 4 months already and it still works like new and even still smells new lol. Go and buy the Eureka Pet Lovers vacuum, it's even in a pretty purple color!!

Ecorse, MI


Eureka Capture Plus Pet Lover Bagless Vacuum

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