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Finesse Enhancing Shampoo for Normal Healthy Hair 15 oz

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Another of my favorites!


Finesse Enhancing Shampoo for Normal Hair is one of the best shampoos that I have used. It works exceptionally well on my long thick hair. After using this shampoo (and the separate matching conditoner) my hair is so silky soft, extremely shiney, and very managable and full of body. The price is very reasonable but this shampoo works as well as, if not better than, the most expensive brands on the market. It also works very well in hard water. This is the shampoo brand that I use most frequently. It has a rich, thick lather and rinses clean. It is perfect for normal hair and helps keep it healthy. It also seems to help keep my hair from tangling so easily. I have always had a lot of problems with tangles because of the length and thickness of my hair. After I use this shampoo, I can run a comb through it very easily without pulling my hair. This is probably the best shampoo brand on the market, in my opinion. I highly recommend it for someone who wants and expensive shampoo quality without the expensive shampoo price.

La Rue, OH


The best shampoo!


Finesse Enhancing Shampoo for Normal Healthy Hair is the best shampoo I use.  I love the way it leaves my hair so soft and shiney and manageable.  Healthy too.  This is the shampoo I use to remove all the buildup and listlessness my hair sometimes gets from other brands of shampoo.  It has the thickest lather and the best scent.  I tend to rotate my shampoo from day to day between a few select brands.  But if I have to use a brand for more than one day in a row, this is the one I choose.  I have never used another shampoo that leaves my hair as nice as Finesse does.  It is very resonably priced and I absolutely love it.  It works well on my husband's hair as well.  The scent is a nice clean scent which is appropriate for men as well as women.  It is available in a 2 in 1, but I usually use the shampoo and conditioner seperately in this brand for better results.  So if you want soft, silky, shiney, healthy manageable hair, you really should try Finesse.

Marion, OH


Good Shampoo, but Price Doesn't Match Quality Level


Hair care products abound on the shelves of retail stores and it is sometimes difficult to decide which product to buy. Some shampoos make lofty claims and they leave consumers wondering whether or not the shampoo is really capable of performing the way it states. But other shampoos make more reasonable claims and they manage to attract buyer's attention due to their market- oriented packaging. Such is the case with **Finesse Enhancing Shampoo**, a product for normal hair. **Shampoo Commentary:** Finesse shampoos are products of the Helene Curtis Company and they can be found in most any grocery store, drug store, or other retail outlet where shampoos are sold. The best quality of Finesse Enhancing Shampoo is its scent and this is one of the key reasons I still use this shampoo from time to time. Shampoo scents are often difficult to describe, but this one has a small amount of citrus (one of my favorite scents) along with special fragrance that makes it unique. It is a very clean, very pleasant smell. As far as a hair cleaning product, Finesse works well enough. Finesse states, on the bottle, that its silk and soy protein formula will improve the cuticle, strengthen each strand of hair, and make hair soft and shiny. I can certainly agree with the softness claim- Finesse Enhancing Shampoo does make hair soft to the touch. But the shininess claim is a little exaggerated. I don't notice anything close to the vibrant shine that Finesse promises. I have short hair so it would take very little of a special, shine enhancing ingredient to make a noticeable difference. If it doesn't work on my hair, then I think it would be safe to say that it won't work on longer hair. Finesse is priced toward the higher end of the shampoo spectrum and this is one of the reasons I don't purchase it more frequently. Its price might not be so bad if the product was superior, but it isn't. I can think of several brands that cost less and offer better cleaning and superior hair management than Finesse Enhancing Shampoo. When I do purchase Finesse, it is usually because there is a sale or because I have a coupon (or both). This is the only way to reduce the price down to a more reasonable level that is consistent with the product quality. **Bottom Line:** Overall, Finesse Enhancing Shampoo is a middle of the road shampoo in terms of quality. The bottle makes the product seem more sophisticated, stylish, and interesting than it really is. It isn't a bad product, and I can certainly agree that the scent is nice and that it delivers on its promise to make your hair softer. But other than these two qualities, there isn't really anything else special to say about Finesse Enhancing Shampoo. It is an average hair care product that is a little bit overpriced for what you get and a little over- marketed for what it is truly capable of doing.

Houston, TX


Finesse Enhancing Shampoo for Normal Healthy Hair 15 oz

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