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Fisher Price counting and shapes turtle

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Cute fun little turtle


this really cute little turtle was given to my child for his first Christmas. I love that it has little wheels so he can roll it around and that it has so many cute little songs that it sings. Also all the shapes on its back are adorable adn a ton of fun for him to push. It really does have a lot of catchy little songs for being such a small toy. I love trying to show him the colors of the different buttons. Also it being a turtle was a huge plush. He's just such a cute friendly looking little guy that my child couldn't help but pick him up.  There honestly isn't anything about this toy I don't like. Its really cute and plays cute songs and is entertaining for my 1 year old. He honestly can sit there and push the buttons over and over. I guess the only small thing I could think of that is a negative is that there is one button on the center of the back that seems to get pushed a lot and overrides the other buttons because it is right where he grabs.

Goodlettsville, TN


My son is 3 and he still loves this toy!!!


My son recieved this as a gift from his now late, granfather, for his first birthday. I thought the toy was really cute, it was simple. it sang songs, it lights up and it rolls across the floor very easy. The day my son first recieved the Fisher price counting turtle, that was the only thing he played with. I felt kind of bad considering it was his birthday party and he just ignored everything else and went straight for the turtle, but who can fight with a kid? He loved it.  My son is three now and, Im really sorry to say that his grandfather has now passed.. But my son does still play with the counting turtle every now and then. And every other kid that comes to play at my house seems to really enjoy the turtle too. It perfect for any chile for 6months to about 2 years old. I would definetly recommand this toy to any parent of young children. It will keep the kids entertained for a long time. Becasue this toy is more valuable to me, I will make sure this is one I wont get rid of.

Campbell, OH


These are soo cute my baby loves them


These little toys are adorable! they make cute sounds and play music and they light up, what baby doesn't like that! My baby is now a few days over 1 and he loves them he has a couple of them and likes to play with them! They seem like they will outlast too which with a little boy is obviously really good to hear! he is very energetic and is definatly a boy! These toys can help your baby learn shapes and colors and if he is like my baby he can dance to it!! my baby dances ALL the TIME. they are good toys to help your child learn and he can push it around and it is really an all in one toy for multiple things! we even tied a string to it and he crawls around and pulls it along; of course only supervised while playing with them! they will outlast even the most energetic baby or baby boy that likes to try and tear everything apart! The colors and different animals they have are great for babies and the colors and shapes and numbers and songs help any child learn! I could recommend this to any parent new or not!

Peru, IN


Fisher Price counting and shapes turtle

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