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Frigidaire 7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer FCCS071F

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Great little Freezer for a small family


We decided to purchase a freezer to help with freezer cooking and pre planning meals for our busy little family. We are two adults and two children with very busy schedules and I like to make up meals for the week and sometimes even the month and freeze them so they are easy to thaw and cook. This freezer is the perfect size for our size family and is very energy efficent and we have not seen a very high rise in our electric bill costs because of running it. It is also small enough that we can unplug it when we don't have it in use or aren't needing it and it doesn't take long to freeze back up when we replug it in. I love that about it. It has never required defrosting or accumulated a build up of frost or ice. It's a great little freezer if you are in the market for one!

Eagle River, AK


Frigidaire has a lot of room for a little freezer!


I love my Frigidaire 7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer! I had always wanted a freezer to take advantage of bargain meat deals, but I hated the way traditional chest freezers looked. They were so big and bulky with heavy tops. I looked at a small upright model, but with the added shelves, it just wouldn't hold very much. I bought this Frigidaire, and the size is perfect. If I find a good sale on meat, or if I want to freeze vegetables and store them, I always have room. There is one little basket in the top which comeis in handy for small things that could get lost on bottom. Because of the size of this freezer, I can bend over and reach every part of it, even though I'm short. That's something I've never been able to do with the big chest freezers without feeling like I was going to fall in. This one is perfect for me and my family!

Lexington, NC


Frigidaire Freezer has tons of room!


We recently got a new refrigerator with a bottom freezer and found that wasnt nearly as big enough as we needed to hold all our frozen food.  We decided to get a Frigidaire Chest Freezer to give us the space we needed.  This freezer is 7.2 cubic feet which is more then enough room for all the frozen pizzas and turkey we have.  It's nice to be able to go to the store and stock up when food is on sale, instead of only buying one or two items because you have no freezer room.  I like that this freezer has a light so you know it's on and working.  It has a dial to set the coldness to the temperature that you like the best.  It has a shelf and a basket for easy storage and ease of finding your food so it doesnt get buried and you forget what you have.  It has a good warranty and we have peace of mind knowing that the freezer is made by Frigidaire, which is a company with a reputation I trust.  I would recommend this freezer to anyone looking for extra frozen storage.

Beaver Dam, WI


Frigidaire 7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer FCCS071F

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