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GE 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer FCM15SU

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Great Product!!!


I purchased this freezer about 7 months ago and I love it. There is plenty of room for anything I need to put in it. It even has 4 baskets for organizing which we wanted so that we wouldn't forget about things buried in the bottom. It was relatively easy to get into the house. We plugged it in and a few hours later it was ready to go and has worked great ever since. And it it so energy efficient, we haven't even seen a change in our power bill. i would recommend this to anyone who needs a lot of freezer space. Temperature Control It has maintained temperature very well with very little frost build up inside. Capacity This thing is HUGE!!! I could have my own meat section in this freezer. it also has 4 baskets that come with it for organizing which I love!! Ease of Cleaning It comes with a drain that you can connect a water hose to when you defrost it so that you don't have to try to drag the freezer out side and put it on its side just to drain and clean. Durability I haven't really tested it, but it's proven durable and reliable for what we have put it through. Design Clean, classic design that goes with any decor'. I just wish the electric cord was a little longer



Would Have Been Great If It Had Not Died In Two Years


When we wanted to get an additional freezer, we had looked all around to find a good unit with a good performance point. We settled on GE 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer FCM15SU. The size was just right and we had been told that a chest freezer was the best way to keep food. The performance was more cost effective than an upright unit, or so we were told. There were all kinds of baskets that slide across the unit on two levels and the storage space is large. You might be wondering why I rated this so low? The freezer didn't last two years. We had to pay to get rid of it and get an upright instead. Temperature Control I have a hard time commenting on this section. When it was working, the freezer had great temperature control. Things were kept very cold and there was consistency in the freezing- not an up and down fluctuation. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, it quit working completely as the freezer simply died. We were never so sorry that we bought anything as we were this freezer. Capacity There is a lot of room in this freezer. We found it very easy to put in all kinds of things including larger bags of bulk grains or nuts to keep them from turning rancid. The baskets were well designed and easy to remove for storage. Ease of Cleaning Although bending over to clean the bottom was not always easy, it was an easy unit to clean in the fact that there were not all kinds of little indents or crevices to deal with. Durability I had never met anyone who bought a chest freezer who had it die in two years. In fact, those who have had chest freezers that I know often only buy new ones when they want to increase their freezer room, not to replace a dead one. This was not the case with us. We were so upset that this freezer died- it was a complete shock. We had to purchase another right away. We have uprights we have had for a long time and will not get a chest freezer again. Design I say satisfactory in the fact that this was designed nicely for storage and accessibility. I say VERY POOR in the fact that it stopped working two years after buying it.

Podunk, NY


GE 14.8 Chest Freezer is well worth the price!


I am not sure where I would be without my freezer! It has been used and packed since the day i bought it. I have 4 VERY hungry kids and they are constantly wanting something to eat. This freezer has made it so much easier on me shopping wise! I can now store everything i buy from Sams in this one freezer. It is so roomy and keeps things extremely cold. This freezer is well worth the price you will pay for it! I have had mine for over 2 years and it still works as if it were brand new! I am sure you will not be disappointed after purchasing this product. Perfect freezer for a large family who has a hungry bunch and who bulk shops as much as I do. The only down fall that isnt really an issue is the color is white so it does show every speck of dirt or yuck that may get on it.

Rome, GA


GE Chest Freezer Works Well


This GE Chest Freezer works exceptionally well and keeps food extremely cold, like it should. This freezer is a solid white, typical looking chest freezer. My only complaint on this freezer is that in only a few years of ownership, we now have surface rust beginning. I was hopeful that this freezer would be made better than the older models I have had through the years. That does not affect the function, but I thought I would mention that defect. It has been kept in a separate room in my garage and pretty much babied. Other than that one complaint, I find that this freezer has ample room to buy all our purchased food bargains and enough room left over to store the excess from our yearly garden.

Mountain City, TN


Wonderful freezer!


We have a small family of four. We also have an infant. Last summer I decided to make my own baby food, so I decided we needed a freezer for that. We finally got one and what a blessing it has been!! We've been able to make a great deal of baby food and freeze it, we are also able to get all of the freezer food we like to have on hand when we are in a pinch! We can stock up on ground beef and shrimp and it is so nice not to have to run to the store all the time because I might just already have it in the freezer. It keeps everything really cold, we have had no issues with it whatsoever. We've only had it for about 9 months. It fits perfectly in a spot we created for it in our garage too. It is wasy to move and has a little basket too.

Eugene, OR


GE 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer FCM15SU

4.2 5