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Gerber First Essentials Glass Bottles Silicone Nipple

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Awesome use after you leave hospital


My first born would only Take this bottles the first 6 months of life. He loved this nipples since they are the same as the ones given at the hospital when formula fed. They do a great job. Defenetly worth a try if on a budget.

Portland, Oregon


Cheap bottles but my daughter likes them!


I was only buying Tomme Tippee bottles for my daughter. I "thought" they were the greatest bottles ever but they are so darn expensive. Now that my daughter is six months old I thought I can try giving feeding her out of the Gerber bottles. The reason why is because I live in a home with four dogs and sometimes they get ahold of her bottles and like to chew the nipples off of them. Well my husband and I couldn't keep going out and buying the Tommee Tippee bottles because of the expense so we picked up a couple packs of Gerber bottles and our little one is doing just fine with them. She actually holds them better than the Tommee Tippee bottles because the Gerber bottles are skinnier so it's easier for her to get her little hands to grip on the bottle. The thing that is annoying about the bottles is the nipples though. They leak not at the tip but where they go through the part that screws onto the bottle. Other than that, they are good.



Gerber First Essentials Glass Bottles Silicone Nipple

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