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L'Oreal Age Perfect Day Cream SPF 15

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Very good everyday cream with SPF 15


This product is a very good choice for medium needs anti-aging cream for everyday use. It has an SPF 15 rating which is a great added factor when using a daily anti-aging cream. The mositurizing factor for this product is better than most and I believe that is the most effecting aspect of this product. Moisture loss is replenished and that in itself helps with visible wrinkles and lines. This product does have the SPF15 factor which in fact does help with quality of skin and makes the user more confident in using this product. The product is not oily or gel-like and goes on evenly. I see my skin looking better than before and that in itself keeps me using it every day. Using this and most products every day will help moisturize and improve (and keep improving) the condition of your skin. I am over 50 and am happy with this product and I am able to buy in any store with a skin care section nationwide. No running to a specialty store or department store for my daily formula and the price is always right. You can always find a coupon for their product and they are helpful on the company's 800 customer service number.

Hampton Bays, NY


This product is rich and creamy


I received this anti-aging product as a free sample.  When it is used up, I will definitely buy this cream again.  I love putting it on.  The product feels rich and creamy, but not greasy.  My skin immediately feels softer and wrinkles are less noticeable.  L'Oreal Age Perfect wears well under make-up. I have tried many, many products over the years.  Usually if they are as thick as this, they feel too heavy under make-up or too greasy to even apply the make-up, but this cream is so smooth and light that make-up goes on easily. This product also contains SPF 15 sun-screen.  In the winter months, I do not spend a lot of time outside, so I know that with this product, I do not have to use additional sunscreen. I think that this cream works as well as an expensive brand from a department or specialty store, at a much more affordable price. To conclude, this L'Oreal cream not only is comfortable to wear, but also does its job!  

Sayreville, NJ


Too sticky


I bought Loreals anti sagging and ulta hydrating day cream spf 15 about three months ago and to be honest I still have about 3/4 of the jar left because I hate to use it! The spf formula was not designed properly to absorb into the facial skin without leaving a white residue that you would normaly get from a very high spf uva uvb formulated product. Not only am I white after using the product but I am also extreamly sticky. I used the cream religously for about a month and did not notice my skin becoming any firmer. I use Loreals regenerist night cream every night and have never had a problem with it, I love the effect it has on my skin, but I just cannot get used to the feel and look of the day cream...I just dont like it at all!!

Clio, MI


Great stuff!


I was looking for a new facial cream and saw the advertisements on TV for this product.  I decided to give it a try and I'm pretty glad I did.  Price wise I think it is a pretty good deal, comparable to the competition.  I believe the product is intended for skin that is a bit more mature than mine (I am in my mid-40's), but I still like the way the product feels on my skin.  Occasionally it doesn't seem to absorb totally into my skin and just dries on the surface.  It may be that I am not totally blending it in enough though.  Other reviews that I have read stated that they didn't like the scent, but I do like it.  There is an under eye cream in the same line that I purchased as well and am pretty happy with too.  Overall I would give this product a thumbs up!  I do have very sensitive skin and this is always an issue with me when trying new skin care products, but I am impressed, no problems!

Chandler, IN


L'Oreal Age Perfect Day Cream SPF 15

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