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Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain - Cherry Pop

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Maybelline Lip Stain Cherry Pop is my favorite!


First of all, let me say that I have been buying expensive lip stains for year snad I have pretty much tried them all. When I saw a magazine ad for Maybeline Color Sensational Lip Stain, I decided to give it a try. At such an inexpensive price, what did I have to lose other than a few bucks? Well, I fell in love with this lipstain. It literally makes my lips look like I've been eating a cherry ice pop and it lasts all day. In fact, it sometimes can be a little tough to remove in the evening. It's also completely weightloss and it smells fantastic. It looks really nice with some gloss on top since it can be a bit drying to the lips. However, I usually just put some on sparingly to give my lips a hint of muted color. I definitely recommend this product due to its price and the fact that it will definitely look great on everyone!

Webster, PA


Addicted to color stains


My sister bought this Maybelline color sensational lip stain in In The Buff and I became addicted to color stains. Nothing wrong with lipsticks but I think color stains were made more for me and my needs. For one thing I don't enjoy putting that much notice on my lips but I do want a bit of color and this lip stain works perfect for me. It gives me a hint of color so it doesn't look like my lips are just part of my face. I can drink and eat afterwards and not worry that the color is now off of my lip and onto my teeth or onto my cup. The plus side is also it doesn't taste like anything after the color dries on my lip. I hate tasting lipstick or having to be careful because I would have to reapply. And it's not cool drinking out of somebody else's cup and leaving a lipstick stain there for them to go around or having them to clean it off. Also I can just use chapstick on top of it so it doesn't look so dry. It can look a little dry on already dry lips, but chapstick takes care of that problem. I've been using it for about 5 months now and it hasn't dried yet because I don't use the same one everyday. This is something I worry about but that means I can try the other colors.

San Francisco, CA


A Truely Weightless Pop of Color that Stays Put...


I was a little skeptical of all the lip stains on the market now, but I had a coupon so I decided to try Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain in Cherry Pop. The applicator is similar to a felt tip pen and feels a bit like coloring on your lips, but it gave a very accurate application, so no lip liner needed if you usually use one. The color is strong and wet when you apply it but dries very quickly. I had to blot this shade a bit because it's brighter than my usual, otherwise it's perfect under a frosted gloss I had for the holidays. The stain is completely weightless, it simply colored my lips without any build-up like lipsticks that you can feel when you're wearing. If you need extra moisture this would be perfect to wear under a balm or a moisterizing lip gloss. The color lasts several hours and looks great, a pinker shade would look very natural but Cherry Pop is strong a bit like a 'cool-aid' color.

Schofield, WI


Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain - Cherry Pop

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