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Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush-On Color - All Shades

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Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush-On Color is the best.


I have tryed eye brow pencils before, but this Maybelline Ultra Brow is the best one that I have found. It truly enchances your eyes, without making it look so harsh, like many of the other ones that I have tried before. I enjoy the fact that it doesn't give you those harsh lines that a pencil does. It goes on very smooth, causing your eyes to look so natural, that people won't know you use anything. When I was a teenager, I make the mistake of plucking out way to many hairs from my eyebrows, and now that is why I was always trying to find just the right product to use. I have found out that this Maybelline Ultra Brow truly does fill in my brow just the way I like them to be. I find that the only thing that I don't like, is that I find that it is costly. Since it is costly, the one good thing is that it does last a long time, so you won't have to be buying it for a long time. Give this a try, you will be glad you did.

Kenosha, WI


Best brow filler I've tried!


During high school I went on an eyebrow plucking frenzy, the consequences of which I am still dealing with today... I have very thin eyebrows. Over the years I have tried several eyebrow filling products, but never found any that I absolutely loved. For a long time I was using Maybelline's Define-A-Brow. It was the best I had found, but I was never really happy about how harsh I felt my eyebrows looked as the pencil left noticable lines upclose (though you really had to look for them). A few weeks ago I was about to buy the same eyebrow product and stumbled upon Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush-On Color. I love this product! It solves the harshness problem I was dealing with. My eyebrows now look extremely natural and you can't tell that I fill them in at all! It does take me a little longer to do my eyebrows each day with the powder than with the pencil, but the final result is well worth it. One word of advice, go lighter than you think... it looks darker on than it does in the package. Try it out. I promise you'll love it!

Provo, UT


blendable & soft-colored brow brush-on color


I have very thin eye brows. I started using eye brow liner way back in high school. Back then, it would take me almost 30 minutes to do my eye brows. Using eye brow pencil often resulted to uneven eye brow color and obvious pencil lines. There were a lot of times when I ended up looking like Ugly Betty with my thickly lined eye brows. But those days are gone since I started using this Maybelline brush-on eye brown color. I use it in dark brown to match my black hair. I don't use it alone though, I use eye brow pencil first. This is a trick I've learned from watching a lot of make up tutorials. For those who have the same problem that I used to have, this is worth a try: lightly fill in your eye brows with eye brow liner (I am using Neutrogena eye brow pencil), then use the Maybelline brow brush-on color to fill in the rest and to actually define your brows. The Maybelline Brow color will actually blend with the eye brow pencil giving you a soft but enhanced eye brows. Girls, try it!

Chicago, IL


Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush-On Color - All Shades

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