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Maytag Built-in Dishwasher MDB4100AW

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My Maytag is great!


I've had no problems with my Maytag.  I think it works great.  I haves the tall tub model, which I really like.  I can fit alot in it.  I use large pots when I make a roast, and they can fit in here, too.  It is great that I can fit so much in this dishwasher.

New Hudson, MI


Dishwaswer Maytag


This dishwaser is pretty decent. It takes a little while to get the dishes clean, but it does clean the dishes. The noise from it is noticable, especially if you are wanting some quiet time, but not as loud as some of the ones that I have heard. The wheels make it easy to move which is a good thing, as it needs to be moved every now and again out of the way.  I wish there was a place for the cords to go however, as since they tend to stick out and hit the wall, if you aren't careful in putting it back where we place it. Another issue is that there isn't really any place to set big plastic cups, or wooden sppons or spatulas that would keep them from falling into the bottom of the Dishwasher. For the cups that ain't an issue, but they just don't fit and that setting them on the bottom, you have the risk of the melting, or not getting clean. Another thing is that there should be a clean sensor on the dishwasher to let you know when its getting dirty so you dont try washing the same load of dishes two or three times because the dishwaser itself is dirty.

Rockvale, TN


Maytag Built-in Dishwasher MDB4100AW

3.5 2