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Maytag Built-in Dishwasher MDB7709AWS

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Clear, Clean Wash But Bad Touchpad


It is a shame that Maytag built a dishwasher that is the best dishwasher I've had as far as a spotless end result because there is a serious problem with the touchpad. My dishwasher is not yet 3 years old and I have had 2 touchpad panels replaced because they breakdown easily. If you buy the product, you must buy an extended warranty. Right now I've gone one week without a dishwasher because I've had to wait for a new touchpad panel to ship from the Maytag factory. Once the panel is received another appointment has to be made for the panel installation. Since the repair company comes to my area only 1 day a week, I had waited 2 weeks without a dishwasher. Additionally, I will have to buy another extended warranty once my 4 year warranty expires, because this touchpad panel seems extremely delicate. It has broken down twice in 2 1/2 years and without e warranty, the part and the repair are costly. So the washing is great, the product has real deficiency in the touchpad panel. Loading Flexibility I have the Tall washer. Performance Great washing, but a good del of trouble maintaining the machine because of a seemingly wiring problem in the touchpad. Design Well designed product. It fit well under the kitchen counter and looks attractive. The inside is well designed for flexible loading. Durability As mentioned, there s a deficiency in the touchpad panel.

Greenwood, DE


Maytag dishwasher modern and reliable


I was skeptical to buy Maytag dishwasher because of a prior experience with Maytag range, however, I am pleasantly surprised. The dishwasher not only works very well, fast and clean results, as it has an awesome and modern design. Compared to my old dishwasher it washes the dishes, fully loaded, faster than expected and cups and plates are shining even when I change detergent brand. Good buy!

Kissimmee, FL


This is a fantastic dishwasher!


This product is amazing. I would recommend it to family and friends. Noise Level The noise level for this dishwasher is great. We have a very open floor plan and our living room tv is right next to it. I've never noticed the dishwasher even running! My bedroom is also next to the kitchen and I've never heard the slightest peep! Cleaning Time This dishwasher is efficient and has the items cleaned in no time. Loading Flexibility I am able to get way more dishes inside than I used to in our old dishwasher. Performance Everything comes out sparkling clean. I couldn't be happier! Design This is a beautiful appliance. It really added to our kitchen remodel. Durability I've had it just over a year and I've never had any problems so far.

Manchester, TN


Maytag Built-in Dishwasher MDB7709AWS

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