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Maytag Built-in Dishwasher

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Maytag dishwasher


Overall I have been very please with my new Maytag dishwasher. I wanted a dishwasher that would get everything perfectly clean the first time it was washed, looked really great and was quiet while running. I think this dishwasher does an above average job of getting all the dishes clean the first time. I have only needed to rewash a couple items and those items were things that had baked on food or dried food, etc.. which is difficulty to remove on the first cycle with any dishwasher. The dishwasher looks really sharp in my kitchen. I bought the stainless steel which I really love. This dishwasher is much quieter than my last dishwasher was (that one was an "entry level" model - not the best). However, it is not quite as quiet as I had hoped it would be. I guess my advice to those who are looking for a very quiet dishwasher would be to purchase the next level up. But altogether a very good dishwasher for the money.

Hugo, MN


Clean dishes with the touch of a button


I have owned the Maytag MDB5601AWS dishwasher for 3 years now and have been pretty pleased with it.  The stainless stain gives it a sleek, modern appearance.  It does a good job of cleaning dishes when I use Finish powerball tabs or Cascade action pacs, but I found that the glasses seemed to have a cloudy residue when I used Finish gelpacs.  If I don't scrub food particles off of knives before washing them they seem to come out with pieces of food still stuck on.  I don't have this problem with any other silverware or dishes, only with knives, so I'm not sure why that is. There have been about half a dozen times when I ran the dishwasher and when it was finished I found that the soap comparment didn't open up during the washing cycle and I had to rerun the dishwasher.  This was very frustrating since I would have to wait a few more hours to be able to use any of the dishes.  Overall I think if you are using the right dishwasher soap it does a good job and I would recommend Maytag dishwashers to others.

Ann Arbor, MI


Maytag Built-in Dishwasher

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