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Maytag JetClean II 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher MDB6600A

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Cleans dishes well, but also eats dishes!


I do like the dishwasher, but I do have problems with it. It cleans very well. In fact, sometimes too well. My dishes are always spotless. But many time, I have issues with the dishwasher taking designs off of plates or glasses. Or even cracking glasses. Or even breaking plates and dishes. I think that the heater gets too hot, and then when you have the instant cold, it causes dishes to break and crack. I even wash the dishes on the china cycle, and this does not help. The dishes are spotless. The cycle is not incredibly long. It is not particular noisy. But buyer beware! You may lose some dishes. This dishwasher likes to destroy. Maybe, it is hungry!

Eureka Springs, AR


Decent Dishwasher


The is a dishwahser by definition. I feel it takes too long and doesn't clean as well as my old one, but is bigger and can hold more dishes Noise Level Very quiest considering the amount of dishes it can hold Cleaning Time I was very disappointed that the energy saving settings still took over 2 hours. The dishes were not as clean as I would have imagined after that long of an energy saving cycle Loading Flexibility There are many loading options with this washer. It large in size and can accomadate many things, however be super calreful how you load them as any little thing overlapping will not get cleaned Performance IT works, I guess. Not as well as my other did, but it does do most of the dishes so I don't have too. I have seen better and I have seen worse. It is ok Design The interior is designed very well and can fit a lot of dishes. I really like how the silverway tray was set in there. Creates so much more room Durability Very strong and durable. I do like that it seems "stronger" than other applainces. I mean that by it seems to have more quality workmanship behind it. You can tell it can take a beating. It does not feel "Chinsy"



Maytag JetClean II 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher MDB6600A

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