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Maytag Jetclean Plus Built-in Dishwasher

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This Dishwasher is simple, but cleans well!


I like this dishwasher. It has a lot of space, ability to rearrange the slots in the lower level (allowing for larger pots and pans, etc). It holds a lot and our dishes are always clean. I have no complaints about this dishwasher! Noise Level You can hear this dishwasher when its running. It tends to get loud in the beginning when its grinding food. But, it is not too loud, you can talk and hear over the volume without a problem. Cleaning Time Loads take a long time, but the dishes come out clean. I would say its close to an hour for a typical cycle. Loading Flexibility The bottom rack has slots you can readjust to allow for larger items. The silverware area is moveable. Performance I have no complaints. We don't pre rinse and our dishes are clean! Design Lots of room, lots of space. The outside is pretty simple. Durability This dishwasher is great. It has lasted us two years and it still works great

Tucson, AZ


Not the best or the worst- read on for specifics!


There are things that I both like and dislike about this dishwasher.  First off, I like that this model has a very attractive look: clean, stainless, and modern; the fact that the controls are integrated to the top of the door insures that the buttons don't detract from the clean front; and it coordinates with the other stainless steel appliances (ie fridge and range) that we purchased from the Maytag family of appliances.  Aesthetically speaking, it is a great dishwasher.  As far as the function of the appliance goes, for the most part, it is alright.  The majority of our dishes, mugs, and glasses come out fine- clean and sparkly, as to be expected.  However, the silverware is another matter entirely: I simply cannot get a single knife to come out looking even halfway decent.  Even if I rinse them thoroughly before placing them in the washer, they still come out very gross looking- I definitely wouldn't use them before first hand-washing them, which defeats the purpose of having a dishwasher.  Along with the knife issue, there is an occassional plate, bowl, etc that comes out of the wash looking as if it was never put in.  I'm still trying to figure out if there are just certain areas of the dishwasher that don't produce enough movement to insure proper cleaning or what. Those are my main complaints and raves about the washer, but here are a few more pros to leave you with: sturdy stainless steel tub, many possible settings, option to dry or conserve energy, EnergyStar rated, and the Clean indicator light, which lets you know that the wash has finished. Lastly, to summarize the cons: inconsistent results, dirty silverware, and somewhat difficult to load, it doesn't seem very spacious and we have difficultly loading everything so that it doesn't clink together. Overall, not a bad washer, but with just about everything, it's definitely not perfect.

Carlsbad, CA


Maytag Jetclean Plus Built-in Dishwasher

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