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Maytag MDBH975A 24 in. Dishwasher

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Basic, cleans well enough, tough to load


I had this unit in a rental home and it was obviously chosen for its price point. The controls are very easy, although I can't actually say there is much difference between, say, the pot scrubber setting and the normal setting. You have to do most of the work yourself ahead of time, which I am used to- anything left on the dishes particle-wise will still be there at the end of the cycle, just washed and dried on. The rack layout is baffling; there are a few adjustments you can make that seem to take things from awkward to very awkward, and there is wasted space caused by dish holders set an unusable dish space away from the silverware basket. The one thing I do like about the layout is the side space where sheet pans fit fairly easily.

Brunswick, Me


Average dishwasher...wouldn't buy again


This dishwasher does all right with washing dishes that must be first rinsed and then loaded. I find the space of this dishwasher is difficult to fill because it is not laid out very intuitively. I also find that it does not do a great job of cleaning the dishes and runs better with very little loaded in which in turn makes this an inefficient machine. I also find that this machine is extremely noisy! As my child once said, it sounds "haunted". It is loud and only efficient when half loaded. I also wish that the spokes weren't so soft and easy to bend. I purchased this dishwasher without doing much research since I got a deal on it when I bought it with my refrigerator. I wish now that I had checked more reviews because I have been disappointed in this brand and the dishwasher in general.

Greeley, CO


Maytag MDBH975A 24 in. Dishwasher

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