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Moby Wrap Navy Baby Sling/Wrap

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Every mom needs the Moby wrap!


Love how versatile this wrap is. Grows with you and your baby into toddlerhood! Safety I feel this product is the safest way to carry your baby around. It lets you be the judge on how tight is comfortable for you and your baby. Baby's Comfort The moby wrap is super cozy for newborns who really like to be snuggled and cuddled. It keeps the baby close to the parent and gives them a sense of comfort and safety. Parents' Comfort By changing the way you wrap the moby you can decide which way is most comfortable for you to carry and hold your baby. Ease of Use I found the best way to learn all the different ways of wrapping your baby was to watch other mothers warp it on youtube. Design You can choose from a lot of colors! I have a navy and a brown moby wrap. I use either one no matter the sex of the child and i like it is so soft that its like wearing a tshirt! Durability I bought my first Moby wrap in 2007 and it has held up so well. I have lent it out to other moms to use as well. I thought I lost it so i ordered a brown moby wrap in 2011. Then i found it so now i have two! They are machine washable and can be thrown in the dryer.



Moby Wrap Navy Baby Sling/Wrap

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