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Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean Antibacterial, Invigorating Breeze 28 fl oz 828 ml

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Mr Clean cleaning solution smells great & cleans great too


Mr. Breeze Invigorating Scent Anti-Bacterial Cleaner is an excellent cleaner that kills 99.9%of household germs and smells incredibly good, like a breath of fresh air, invigorating scent is a pleasant fragrance that engulfs a room and leaves it smelling fantastic. It cleans so well that you can not worry about germs for this antibacterial cleaning killer kills 99.9% of germs in your home, your kitchen and your bathroom will be cleaner than ever with this product and you can feel good about all the germs and odors being killed, not lingering and coming back, Mr Clean provides a superior clean with a superior variety of fragrances also, so you have more than one great scent to choose from no matter which is your favorite you get an excellent cleaning power, that leaves a sparkle you can see, makes everything shiny and clean and smelling great. There's only about two other brands cheaper , which the number one spot would be generic and i haven't found a one of them in this category that is any good. So price wise i give this a 4.5 and when you add the cleaning power and the scent in there , it definitely is a 5 out of 5. Overall does a better job cleaning than others in my opinion. Performance great cleaner Scent excellent scent

Monticello, KY


Like a breath of fresh air for the kitchen sink!


As the dust settled after the last plumbing crisis, my favorite plumber (who had just rodded my pipe) shared a few gentle but firm words of advice -- ***"Pour a little boiling water down once a week." ***This was really sage wisdom and as it turns out, this works even **better **if you pour a liberal dose of ***Mr. Clean Antibacterial "Invigorating Breeze" Liquid Cleaner ***first. Pour it in, wait a few minutes, and then follow up with the hot water. What happens next will amaze you. **WHAT THIS IS:** ***Mr. Clean Antibacterial "Invigorating Breeze" Liquid Cleaner ***is a blue liquid which has been galvanized by a blend of its active ingredient (Sodium Hydroxide) and certain unspecified "other" agents in its appointed task of cutting grease, cleaning a vast array of kitchen and bathroom surfaces, annihilating Salmonella and other Barbarians at the gate ... and of course, keeping drains clear and free flowing. **MY VIEWPOINT:** ***Mr. Clean Antibacterial Liquid Cleaner ***comes in a variety of scents. I had to snort a little at the thought of somebody calling this one ***"Invigorating Breeze"*** but damned if that didn't turn out to be an excellent moniker for this product. It was like a breath of fresh air for my kitchen sink and I recommend this product when used according to label directions. Performance Works like a champ! Scent Terrific, must be smelled to be believed!

Oak Park, IL


Mr Clean is amazing


I tried Mr clean for the first time I poured some in a spray bottle with a little water to dilute and cleaned my bathroom with it. I wanted something to clean really good but would leave a nice fresh scent behind so you  can tell it's been cleaned.  After I got through it looked good and smelled even better. A couple hours later my husband said it still smells good in the bathroom after two hours. I would recommend invigorating breeze to anyone to try. It is a little strong for anyone with little ones, but personally it's worth it.

Madison, TN


Mr. Clean Antibacterial, Invigorating Breeze 28 fl oz 828 ml

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