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Nivea Body Skin Firming Moisturizer, Q10 Plus

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A Great Everyday lotion!


I love the smell and the texture of the lotion. it isn't runny and it isn't like a body butter that is hard to spread around your body. The convienant pump instead of a open and pour bottle is great to. I'm not sure if I saw any firming effects since I started using this lotion. I don't think I use it consistently enough to get any results. But my skin feels incredible and It definitely helps moisturize. Scent It has a very light scent. not over powering and it does have some fragrance. I tend to use it before bed and the light scents are nice to relax me into sleep. Absorption Awesome! I don't feel like a lard ball for the rest of the night. Effectiveness once again I'm not sure about the skin firmness attribute because I don't think I use it consistently enough but it definitely is effective when it comes to moisturizing my skin. I love the Nivea brand it is all awesome stuff so I think that it probably does work well with skin friming.

Rutland, VT


Nivea body skin firming moisturizer is a great product at a grea


I have been going back and forth to Europe for a long time now, and I always try and pick up a new item to test out. That is where I first came across this product, and I am really glad I gave it a try! I have very sensitive skin and have no problems at all with this cream. The fragrance is lovely, and the cream itself has a nice consistency without feeling too heavy or oily. I don't wear any foundation or powder, so the appearance of my skin is important to me. Too often after applying moisturizers my skin would look very shiny, and the effect would last for several hours. Not with this product!  It absorbs quickly into the skin and does  not leave a shiny residue, and you do not feel like you have anything on your face. My face can tend towards dry in the winter, and this product gave me great results in keeping my face moisturized without having to constantly re-apply. Very little of the product is needed at a time, so a little goes a long way, which is good for the budget as well. A high quality product at a very reasonable price!

Stuart, FL


Nivea Body Skin Firming Moisturizer, Q10 Plus

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