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Nivea Body Soft Milk Lotion

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Nivea Body Soft Milk Lotion is outrageously amazing!


Nivea Body Soft Milk Lotion is outrageously amazing, at least it is to me.  I can't believe how amazing this lotion is because of its texture and the way it feels when you use it.  It comes in a milky "white" color and it feels super soft to the skin.  When you rub it on your skin it feels really smooth and works great.  This lotion isn't too thick and this lotion isn't too thin, it's pretty much perfect in its texture.  It works great on dry or normal skin.  The smell of this product is delightful too because it has a crisp, clean scent and it also smells like it has perfume in it, not too much, just right.  This lotion comes in an eye-catching color of "light & dark blue" ,although, the container is mostly light blue and it has white writing, so it's very easy to read.  The size of this container is generous too, the one I have is (250ml) which is the perfect size to take with you pretty much everywhere because the container is thin and slim.  This lotion works great and I think it's very good for the skin.  This product can be a little pricey, so you should look for a coupon.  Whatever the price is for this product you buy it at, I think it is well worth it.  I give this product by Nivea 5 STARS.

Stockton, CA


Nivea Body Soft Milk Lotion

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