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Nivea Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs Gradual Tan Moisturizer For Fair to Medium Skin 6.7 fl oz

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No streaks, no strong smell, great job Nivea!


Nivea sunkissed beautiful legs is by far the best self tanning lotion I've used, I've definitely seen the best results from it. I'm fair skinned, and my legs take forever to bulid a tan in the sun, twice as long as the rest of me, so I love this lotion. It is not streaky at all, gives very even coverage, and it does not leave you looking orange either, it gives a very natural tan color. I did notice I would get a darker color around the knees and ankles when I used it every day, so when I apply it to those areas I mix it with a little regular lotion and it completely took care of that problem. As for the less shaving benefits, I didn't really notice it slowing down the growth any, but it did make the hair much softer and I got a much closer, easier shave. The fragrance of the lotion is very nice too, not that stong, chemically smell you get from a lot of self tanners. Overall this is a great product and I definitely recommend itI

Mackville, KY


Good self tanner that really does slow down hair growth!


I am a very pale person who tans pretty easily BUT I have recently become more sun safety conscious and I do not have hours to spend working on my tan each week. Needless to say, I have tried MANY self tanners over the years. I do not think they will ever be able to get rid of the self-tanner smell but Nivea does a pretty good job of that with this lotion! While it has a distinct smell, it is not the same, pungent self-tanner smell. People will only know what it is from using it themselves. This lotion does a good job of adding natural coloring, if used correctly. I normally give myself two days before an event to build the tan so I am not throwing a ton of lotion on my legs. This works best. When I use a ton of lotion, it can come out splotchy. It also does a good job of minimizing shaving, like it says. I was skeptical of this at first but I have been able to stretch my shave to two or three days without ANY stubble. Nivea is on the expensive side but I just wait for a sale at the beginning of the summer and stock up because this stuff works well! Plus, the bottle seems to last much longer than other products I have tried.

Athens, GA


Good product


I tried the fair to medium version since I am very fair skinned on my legs.  I would have preferred it to have been darker, so I will be buying the medium to dark color.  Overall, this product has been great in giving almost immediate color.  It smells a lot better than other self tanners and it does not streak.  It also does not have the "orange effect" as so many of the self tanners do. I did not see good results as far as having to shave less.  I did not buy this product for that reason so I was very pleased for the self tanning aspect.

Pocahontas, AR


Nivea Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs Gradual Tan Moisturizer For Fair to Medium Skin 6.7 fl oz

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