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Dandruff Shampoo, Shampoo for Chemically-Treated Hair
Nizoral A-D

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I dont recommend Nizoral to anyone!


This product made my hair fall out! I swear my dermatologist recommended it for not just my dandruff but also for the dry skin in my eyelashes and eyebrows! well after two uses i was pulling out handfulls of hair in the shower and i had holes in my eyebrows! my eyelashes still have not gotten back as thick as they were and I will never use this product again!

Knoxville, TN


Nizoral A-D really works , no more dandruff


I have been using Nizoral after a friend of mine recommended it.It works better than Head and shoulders.You can see results after the first use.But you see results as long as you use it.Once you stop using it your dandruff is back.

Woburn, MA


Does the job without a prescription


I have always suffered from dry scalp and flaking i.e dandruff. I would use Head and Shoulders but it would make my hair dry and rough. I would have to use a deep conditioner to allow my hair to become soft again. My beautician advised Nizoral A-D. It literally work instantly. I normally shampoo by hair 2-3 times a week due to the intense itching and flaking. After using the shampoo, I went a whole week without washing my hair. I didnt even itch one day. I continue using Nizoral A-D on am average twice a week. After about a month of continue use, I didn't have to use it has often. I would switch to my normal shampoo and conditioning treatment. When I first started using it, it only came in an 11 oz size. Now there are two sizes. Eleven and sixteen. The product has no unusual smell so it will not leave the hair and or scalp smelling medicated or tary. It comes in a blue bottle with the box being half white and blue. I defiantly recommend this product.

Humble, TX


Nizoral A-D

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