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NordicTrack Elite 1300 Elliptical

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This is a high quality machine which is sturdy and durable


I have used and enjoyed my Nordic Track Elite 1300 cross trainer.  I have a good quality dual action stationary bike and I alternate this machine with the bike to get the cross training benefits. I checked reviews and found this to be highly rated. I have been pleased with the durability and feeling of strength the machine imparts. I have a chronic knee problem and the smooth action allows me to work out with minimal trauma to my knee. The Nordic Track Elite 1300 is a big piece of equipment and not very portable. I had originally intended to put it in an upstairs room but moving it already assembled was a not possible. i may disassemble it and move it but that is considerably more effort. The footprint of the Nordic Track Elite 1300 is fairly big and takes up  considerable space in my workout area. The machine is quite versatile with many different programs and levels that allows you to use different heart rate zones. I use 3 different levels: Peak (>85% max heart rate), Cardio (70-85% max heart rate) and Recovery (60-65% max heart rate). I would recommend this machine to a friend.

Coarsegold, CA


Ilove my Nordic Track Elite 1300 Eliptical!


I bought this to loose weight and I have. I tried one at a gym but could no longer afford going to one. i really did miss using this type of machine so I went to the store and treid a few out and fell in love with this model and decided to get one. I feel great and I trun on my ipod or tv and off I go. I know it will pay off cause i am already shedding pounds and look and fell great. i have a bad lower back and knee which I have had surgery on and my doctor even recommended this machine..he has one too! Boy am I glad I took his advice I love this machine. It is so much better on the knees than other exercise machines on the market. I don't miss the gym at all and when I am done I can shower right at home. It is better than any workout class I have attended or tredmill. I have even had a few friends go out and get one after trying mine and they are just as pleased with it. It is fun  and the time flys by when you are on it!

Doylestown, PA


Nordic Track Elite 1300 Elliptical (Easy on your knees)


I have lost over 30 pounds once I bought my Elliptical.  Excercising is fun.  I'm glad I bought my Nordictract elite 130.  I was considering purchasing my michine for over two years because I was constantly going to the gym using their machines and I was tired of getting out of my home during the winter months but now I no longer have too.  This machine is stable and sturdy.  My husband has decided to exercise now because he's finding the machine to be easy to use and before he knows it he's worked out for at least an hour.  It has made him do something that I couldn't in eight years.  Thanks!  The setup was not as bad as I thought it would be.... about two hours.  You will need two people to attach the console to the main unit. My husband and I are know in compition with each other to see who can loose the most weight and become better in body appearance. You can really tell the difference in the smoothness of the stride as compared to other ellipitcals.  The front flywheel design effectively prevents this machine from rocking.  It's able to handle my 275 pound husband, who's loosing weight now -eventhought he's over 6 feet tall, he needs to get rid of his extra belly.  Too you have diffrent levels so you are not stuck doing the same stride.

Hermitage, TN


NordicTrack Elite 1300 Elliptical

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