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Oster Rice Cooker and Food Steamer 4751

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My first Rice Cooker and I LOVE it


I received this Oster rice cooker for Christmas this year and couldn't wait to use it.  My best friend had recently bought a similar model and was telling me about the great things she's been doing with it and the awesome meals she could cook.  My husband and I ***love*** rice and I therefore decided to ask for one for Christmas.  I started using it immediately.  I was a bit confused at first as I think I was using the wrong amount of water to rice ratio but have adjusted that and it works beautifully.  My rice is ***so*** nice :)  Since receiving it, I have used it once or twice per week.  I have used it to steam vegetables, vegetable stir fry type mixes, shrimp, chicken, long grain and short grain rice and all have turned out wonderfully.  I realize that this model is very simple, I'm unsure if there are any advantages to others.  With the steaming tray, you kind of just have to time that on your own so it can be harder to judge as to when you should add your things to the steaming tray so they are done in a relatively reasonable time compared to the rice.  I definitely would recommend this product to others.

Willis, MI


The Oster 4751 gets the job done, but it is pretty basic.


I purchased this item since it was a combination rice cooker and steamer.  My previous rice cooker was ok, but it was a bit dated and this was my attempt to update the appliance. The steamer basket is ok, but I find that the tray's holes are too big for my purpose.  I typically am steaming finger foods for my baby, and I found that a steamer basket in a pot of water works more effectively. The rice cooker gets the job done and the texture of the rice is far superior to anything I could do with just a pot and some water.  My only complaint about the rice cooker aspect is that even when you stir at the 15 minute mark as suggested, I always end up with some rice stuck to the bottom of the pot.  Very annoying. I also have had difficulty getting good success with brown rice.  Somehow mine always stays crunchy unless I add extra water However, for a basic appliance it is good and won't break your bank.

Venice, FL


Cleans easily, steams well, but slow!


We love rice!  We eat it numerous times each week.  After our old rice cooker suddenly died, we decided we needed something new.  We liked the older, fancier model, but somehow fancier seemed to mean more things to break.  So we decided on something a little more basic and went with this Oster model # 4751.  It said it had a 14 cup capacity, but that's impossible.  With Jasmine Rice (which we eat most of the time), it calls for 2 cups of water to each cup of rice.  So I'll put in 4 cups of rice and 8 cups of water and that puts the water level above the "fill to" line.  Then if you try to cook all that, it pushes the lid off.  Also, I've had 3 other rice cookers (and as all appliances, each one lasts a shorter time than the previous one).  This one takes by far the longest to cook.  It's close to 25 minutes or more, instead of the 15 or so that my others all took. On the plus side, the non-stick surface cleans very easily, and the steamer has handles on the sides that stay cool.  I love steaming veggies with my rice and they come out perfect, every time.

Tenino, WA


Oster Rice Cooker and Food Steamer 4751

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