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PediaCare Gentle Vapors Mini Waterless Vaporizer Vapor-Plug Unit & Nightlight

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Last time my daughter had a bad cold, I went to the store to grab some vapor rub. She hates having it on her, but I knew it would help with her congestion. As I was browsing, I noticed the PediaCare Gentle Vapors Mini Waterless Vaporizer Vapor-Plug and Nightlight. I was pretty intrigued. I went ahead and grabbed one, and bought a generic bottle of vapor rub as a back up. I got home, opened it up, read the instructions, and plugged it in my daughters room. I went back in to her room about an hour later and the room was filled with the vapor (rub) smell. Perfect! That night when she was ready for bed, I tucked her in and told her she was in luck, no vapor rub tonight, we were going to try the plug in with nightlight instead. She smelled and said ok. When I checked on her a few hours later she seemed to be doing pretty well. Her congestion didn't sound nearly as bad, and I wasn't hearing a whole lot of coughing coming from her room. This is now our go to for colds. So much easier and less messy than the rub. The price is decent, and so are the little refills. It is easy to use, and lasts the whole night. And the little blue nightlight is an added bonus.

Stevensville, MI


Not for Asthmatics!!


I bought this item for my son when he had a cold last year.  I had the unit on for about 2 hours when I noticed he was doing alot of coughing and complained that his asthma was bothering him.  Within another hour my asthma started bothering me and I started having chest pains.  I new right then it was the unit.  I  unplugged it and opened the windows and it took about 8 hours for my son and I to feel better. 

Middletown, OH


A must-have for little ones with colds


I have 2 of these units and try to keep refills on hand for when my little ones get colds. I had tried applying rubs to their chests and they hated them, and they didn't seem to work for very long anywa. In desperation, I went to the drugstore looking for something that might help and stumbled upon this. It works like a charm. You can smell it working immediately, and it keeps working through much of the night (the smell is nearly gone by morning). Although the package might lead you to believe otherwise, I wouldn't say it can take the place of a humidifier, because moisture is really needed to reduce stuffiness and swelling of the sinuses during a cold, but this definitely boosts the effectiveness of the humidifier. I use it with a humidifier and it really helps my little ones to breath well enough to get some much-needed rest during a cold. I can't give it 5 stars, because it is a little expensive, and you need a new pad every night. During the duration of a cold for a whole family, the cost can certainly add up! It would be much better if it were more affordable.

Charleston Afb, SC


Great Product


This really works!! My son has truely slept much better since begining to use this product during one of his severe congestion episodes. He didnt cough at all and seemed to wake up a much happier little boy. I wish it would have lasted longer than eight hours, considering my son sleeps longer than that. Although I will say eight hours is better than none, espicially with a sick child. I found that it works better if I close his bedroom door, and after going back in after ten minutes to check on him I could really smell it and breathed better myself while in there. I do however dislike leaving his bedroom door closed all night so will leave it cracked and put a towel underneath it. We had an easy fix for the extremely bright blue shining light on it and that was to cover it with duct tape. My son wouldnt sleep with it. He does use a nightlight, but his emits a very soft blue light. It is a bit pricey, however is something I am willing to pay for to see such an improvement in my childs sleeping.

Litchfield Park, AZ




I adore this product! Just adore it! Anything that makes my life as a mom easier gets an A+ from me! This product REALLY does work. And its SO MUCH EASIER to use than a huge humidifier! No filling up with water, then salt, then oil. No thank you! The last thing you want when you kiddos sick is another chore! You just open the packet, place the strip into the container then plug that into the outlet. And about 5 minutes your babies will be breathing better! When my son is sick he actually requests this product! Yes, the strips are a bit on the expensive side, but trust me, they are totally worth it. Anything that brings comfort to a kid that is sick is more than worth it to me! These aren't just for kids either! This work well for adults! I use two plug ins for my husband and I just so the vapors are a little stronger. All in all I would recommend this product to a friend. Or anyone for that matter!!

Harlingen, TX




 I had forgot i had this little gem my son has a hacky type dry cough. I was looking for my humidifier then recalled i had this unit. I plugged it in around half hour ago and he is sleeping silently now. I recommend this unit.

Coram, NY


PediaCare Gentle Vapors Mini Waterless Vaporizer Vapor-Plug Unit & Nightlight

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