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ProForm 15.5s Elliptical

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Is a good quality, easy to use workout machine.


We really have enjoyed this Pro-Form elliptical machine because it is so easy to use and doesn't take up too much space.  The readout screen is easy to read, as far as positioning content, with the ability to change the positions of calories burned, time completed and distance, around to where you want them.  There is one large read out on the top and two smaller areas under the top field and depending on where your focus is, you can put your time on top if that is what your main focus is.  Mine happens to be the time.  I really want to know when I can stop!  So for me, I like to make the time the largest readout.  I like seeing how many calories that I am burning as well.  The least important thing to me is the distance.  The only thing I would like to see improvement on with this piece of equipment is the lighting on the readout screen.  It is a bit hard to read.  At times in the evening I will need a flashlight to be able to read it.  We have had our model for a couple of years now, so this may have already of been corrected in newer models. I love the little fan in the middle and the fact that I have the ability to tilt it up or down a bit.  The water bottle holder also comes in very handy for those times that I manage to stay on the machine for a longer duration.  The structures layout, as far as how it feels in placing my gait, is very comfortable.  We tried out several models before selecting this one.  Most of the others felt as if my legs were too far apart, this one, the distance is just right, along with well aligned foot pads.  The area to place your foot is wide and long enough. This equipment is sturdy and of excellent quality.  We have not heard any funny squeaking or odd rubbing sounds at all and the machine is now two years old and is used quite frequently.  I think that this Pro- Form 15.5s elliptical is the best buy for the money.

Crestline, CA


ProForm 15.5s Elliptical

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