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ProForm Elliptical

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Decent Product - Once You Get it Together


We were looking for a quality, affordable elliptical machine for our home, so we jumped on this one when it became available on Groupon Goods. After receiving two broken parts, waiting for Proform customer service for literally hours, and sending the company an angry social media message, we finally received everything we needed to put it together 2 months later. Now that we can use it, it's a sturdy and fits our needs. My major complaint is that the programs have preset times, and they aren't terribly intuitive to use. Otherwise, it works well. Performance The elliptical is sturdy, and it moves fluidly. It does squeak a bit going backwards though, and no amount of grease seems to alleviate that problem. Comfort The machine is very comfortable to use. The foot pedals are wide and adjustable, and the machine has the option of moving arms or fixed handlebars. The stride is a natural width, and the machine doesn't jerk as I've experienced with some others. Ease of Use It's easy enough to get it going; all you have to do is step on and start moving. That said, figuring out the programs takes awhile, and the time settings are fixed on them (which I don't like). Durability I'm rating this one in the middle because we received two cracked parts (both sides of the main frame) when we first received it. The pieces were cracked in such a manner that we couldn't put the rest of the machine together until we received the replacements. Beyond that, the machine seems durable. Design The machine features an ergonomic design; It's large, but it's not an eyesore. It's also fairly easy to move thanks to a handle on one side and wheels on the other. It took about 2 hours for my husband to put it together with minor help from me.



It will give you a good work out


I was very excited to get this machine home and try it out for the first time. It was priced lower than other elipticals on the market so I was nervous about how it would perform. I needed a machine I could use three times a week in the privacy of my home. This machine is large. It takes up much more room than a similar machine would. The width of the back of the machine is very far spaced. This machine would not fit in your closet at home. It was very heavy transporting from the store to my home. It took 4 men to get the large box out of my super size suv. It then had to be put on a furniture dolly to be moved into the house. Forget about it if you think you want to move this things up stairs in the box. I would definetly recommend opening the box downstairs and carrying up the pieces because the box was very very heavy. The instructions were complicated and there were a vast array of screws, nuts, ball bearings etc to install. There was grease to apply and other messy heavy things. Ladies you could not put this machine together by yourself. It is a two person job if there is not a stong person there to hold things in position. You must read the instructions carefully once some of the pieces are locked in they can not be removed without significant trouble. It took about 6 hours to put this monster machine together. I would recommend getting gym pads to put under the machine. The weight of the machine itself before you ever get on it will wear down the carpet or floor underneath it. The machine seems to shift as you move on it. The constant going back and forth motion will wear down the floor under the machine. Once it was put together i was very surprised to find it so hard to move the legs back and forth. I frequently use a similar machine at the gym but this machine took much more power to exercise with. This may actually be good for some people. It gives you a better workout because you are focusing hard on getting the machine to run in a proper motion. The arm handles on the machine worked much smoother. They glided effortlessly back and forth. However you need significant room in the front of the machine to allow the handles to slide. The foot rests for the machine were very spacious for a big person there was plenty of room left over for the foot to move. By having such large foot treads it gave you room to change your workout around. Moving forward on the foot tread worked a different muscle group in your legs. When moving farther back in the foot tread it allowed your body to shift and a different area of your body could benefit from the exercise. The color of the machine is good and matches any other gym equipment you may have at home. The texture on the metal paint provides a good surface for sweaty hands. The surface really allows you to grip the bars and be sure you wont fall. The height of the machine was a good match. People over the 6 foot range would not feel like their center of gravity was too far off. There was no dizzy I am too high up on this machine that others feel. The keypad and control center were ecellent. It does have 10 different resistance levels that will meet the needs of anyone wanting an all around hard bit of exercising. Moving the levels up and down really tests your stamina. Other machines only offer 4-6 levels never really allowing you to reach a good peak or a slow enough cool down. 5 cross training programs also give you a great advantage because you can do such a wide range of activities.You can find out what works for your body and really get into the groove of it. Working with these programs is a great control center that lets you clearly see how the workout is going. It allows you to monitor your progress throughout the entire time you are using this machine. Another feature i enjoyed is the carb readout it monitors the number of carbohydrates you have burned during your workout. This is a great tool other machines i looked at did not have. The heart rate monitor works well and is standard in most of these machines. The cool breeze fan while a great idea didnt really seem to reach me during the workout. It is a nice feature but I think the fan would have to be much much stronger to actually blow your hair around and provide some kind of cooling effect. The cup holder at the front of the machine was a great place to set your drink down and have it within easy reach as the workout progressed. There is another shelf for other things possibly your phone, keys, or other exercise neccessities. This machine was not wonderful but it does give you a good workout. It was difficult to pedal however some would see that as an added benefit to the workout. Next time I would spend a little more money and get a better machine that was easier to transport, put together and use  overall.

Katy, TX


ProForm Elliptical

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