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ProForm 485E Elliptical Trainer

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Not for me, and perhaps not you


I had used an elliptical trainer before, and loved it.  With my mobility issues it was the closest thing I could do to running.  I have back problems as well and appreciated the low impact. My roommates offered the use of their Proform 485E and I was thrilled, at first.  I tend to walk on my toes, or at least rely on them, while doing this exercise.  I am short and unsteady on my feet, the edge of the foot plates are not high enough to guard my feet from slipping forward, nor do they offer enough grip for me to stay in place. The resistance is also difficult to adjust.  So, two tries of this machine and I could not even do a minute.  But, I recently went to a gym where another elliptical was available and had no issues staying on for forty-five minutes (with the proper grip and support of the foot plates and resistance that was easy to adjust, I had no issues). I am also not impressed by the other gauges, or lack thereof (i.e. calorie-counter and distance, ect.)

Irvine, CA


ProForm 485E Elliptical Trainer

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