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Recaro ProSport Combination Harness to Booster Car Seat

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Great seat for the long haul


This seat is everything you expect from the Recaro brand. It's durable, comfortable and allows my child to ride in style. Ease of Installation Installation is simple with the ProSport. It has two different modes. One is for use with the harness and the other is when your child is old enough and you want to switch to using the seat belt. The seat belt goes behind your child's back along the clearly marked belt path and secures tightly. We don't have LATCH so I can't testify to that. This is bulky though. Child's Comfort My daughter loves this seat. She can get in and out of it easily and never complains about being uncomfortable. She's 4 and we use it in harness mode currently. Support and Safety Recaro is known for safety and this seat shows. It's HEAVY and you will definitely feel safe putting your child in. Ease of Use It's heavy so not convenient for multiple vehicles, but it does have a handle at the top to make it easier. Design The straps have white "racing stripes" down the sides to help you determine if the straps are twisted. The buckle has 3 different positions to fit children of all sizes. Durability No concerns with this. Perfect.



Absolutely Love The Recaro ProSport!


When it came time to get a second seat for the second car for my son I didn't want to get another Graco. We had bought Recaro Signos when the first came out and I really really liked them- so I figured I would try the Recaro ProSport. The seat is exactly what we were looking for. Looks good- even the older kids want one becuase it is comfy and stylish. The harness is a bit twisty at the crotch buckels- but nothing you can't just make sure they aren't twisted each time you put your child in. It is super easy to adjust the height of the harness. The seat is not extremely heavy and installs wonderfully in all cars. The 3pt shoulder belt install is super simple- but does give a bit of an issue once the child is on the tallest harness setting because it pushes at the harness. According to Recaro this is ok. Recaro also has wonderful customer service- in fact they have a small office with a few employees that handle the car seat issues- but are always on top of it and respond extremely quickly.

Elk Creek, NE


Recaro ProSport Carseat is great!!


We have purchased our first Recaro Young Sport car seat 1 1/2 years ago. We loved it so much that we bought the newer ProSport Carseat this past fall.  Our two oldest love these seats.  The five point harness is comforatble for our 3 and half year old and 2 year old.  We tried letting the 3 and half year old use the regular seat belt with the carseat but he didn't feel secure.  He really enjoyed have the 5 point harness on instead.  The ProSport is also easy to adjust the height of the straps as they grow.  The Young Sprt requires a little more reading and awareness for correct placement of adjustments.  The biggest pro is that the ProSport is one of the safest car seats on the market.  The next biggest pro is that it can be used up to 59in and 120 pounds.  They are also very durable and clean easily.  I had purchased the black ProSport because of color issues on the Young Sport.  I have the tan and black Young Sport and the tan worn to the point that the black shows through ( Yes they use black backing behind the tan).  I don't know how the colors wear but it is something to consider.  I found that the black didn't get hot to the touch in my Odyssey even if in the sun.

Hollis, NH


Recaro ProSport Combination Harness to Booster Car Seat

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