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Redken Extreme Conditioner 33.8 oz 1 Litre

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An amazing conditioner for damaged hair.


I do a lot to my own hair and most of that is bleach work, so I need a product that will help repair. The Extreme line is my go to when I am bleaching. It also works well for damaged and fine hair. A lot of higher protein products are VERY heavy. I have tried a lot, because despite having super damaged hair, I also was "blessed" with very fine hair. So most left my hair weighted down. It would just look heavy and flat. The Extreme conditioner leaves it with a healthy shine, but without the weight. I can still get lift and volume out of my hair after using this product. It is definitely a better deal to get it in the larger size than if you were buying the smaller size. Effectiveness I don't think I could keep my hair from breaking without this conditioner. I put my hair through a lot of abuse and this always helps get my hair back to healthy. Scent It isn't over powering and does not linger to long after. It's a very light scent.



I love it Extreme!


Redken Extreme works wonders! i also ways use Extreme after all my color services. It doesnt leave my hair nor my clients hair feeling course because the "damaging-ness" of the color. It makes it feel softer. Also, i use the extreme condtioner a few times a week ecspecially after i just got my hair colored. If your hair is distressed in anyway i do recomend the redken Exteme line. It is wonderful.   However, if you use the Redken Extreme line everyday and everyday..it can start to cause breakage..or make your hair dry-out.

Lanark, IL


Great for "distressed" hair.


The whole entire Extreme line by Redken is great. People who process, dye, or use heat tools for their hair. This conditioner is thick, and deep conditions to help repair hair. This conditoner is said to contain proteins and lipids to help repair your hair from the inside out. It leaves your hair shiny and feeling soft, even if you have split ends. It also works to prevent new split ends from forming. I flat iron my hair almost every day, and am always trying new colors and products. I have to say, at first I was unsure about this product because of the price, but once I used it, I would not want to use anything else. My hair is dried out and prone to split ends, but the Extreme line helps repair condition and treat my hair better than anything else I've ever used. I always recommend this product, or any of the Extreme Redken products, to anyone and everyone that I meet. It's a little expensive for a conditioner, but well worth the price. 

Broad Brook, CT


Redken Extreme Conditioner 33.8 oz 1 Litre

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