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Redken Time Reset Youth Revitalizer Deep Conditioning Mask

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Deep Conditioning that truly retstores dry, damaged hair.


This deep conditioning mask by Redken is formulated to restore moisture and shine to hair that's been damaged due to color treatments, too much sun, too many heated styling tools, and/or the normal aging process. My hair falls into the "all of the above" category, but thanks to **Redken Time Reset Youth Revitalizer Deep Conditioning Mask**, you can't tell it, anymore. I used to have very dry and damaged hair, but due to a terrific stylist and great hair products, particularly this deep conditioner, my hair is now long, shiny, bouncy and healthy, and I'm a very happy woman! I had damaged my hair so badly a few years ago that I wondered if it would ever look pretty or healthy again. Truthfully, at that time, I didn't really believe that one shampoo or conditioner was any different than another. I now know for a fact that is not the case, at all. There are shampoos and conditioners on the market that are far superior to other brands and this conditioning treatment is one of them. It has literally helped to transform my hair from a brittle bleach blonde mess to a head full of long, soft, silky, healthy, split end and damage free hair. I am so thankful that I found a wonderful stylist who showed me light and taught me the ABCs of good hair care. She is the person who introduced me to this Redken product line that helped me get my hair back into great shape.  *Redken says:*** ** ***"TIME RESET YOUTH REVITALIZER: Replenishing deep treatment for porous, age-weakened hair."*** *Product Benefits:* ***"Decadent rinse-out mask spreads evenly through the lengths of hair to provide intense, deep conditioning with a dose of peptides and ceramide for targeted repair. It detangles to ease combability, rebalances lost moisture and helps restore hair's youthful shine." *** *How To Use: * ***"Can once or twice a week for intense moisture replenishment and shine. Can also be used daily for medium to coarse hair."*** *Ingredients:* ***Vital 5 Complex: *** **Intra-Cylane** - Evens porosity and improves strand resilience**Peptides & Ceramide** - Repair and resurface**Green Tea - **Neutralizes free radicals with antioxidant support **Camellia Oil **- Softens, replenishes and restores shine **Cationic UV Filter** - Helps prevent premature aging  Redken Time Reset Youth Revitalizer Deep Conditioning Mask is not cheap and it's only available at licensed hai salons. You may find it on the internet, but it's only guaranteed if it's purchased from a licensed salon. It is so worth the cost if you have dry, brittle, damaged hair, for whatever reason. Your hair CAN be healthy and pretty again. You can turn back the hands of time with regular use of this deep conditioning mask, and when it's healthy again, you will only have to use this conditiong treatment occasionally. I use it about twice a month, since my hair is back in great shape. It worked wonders for me and it can do the same for you. 5 stars for a truly superior product.  

Tiny Town, GA


Redken Time Reset Youth Revitalizer Deep Conditioning Mask

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