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Remington 1" Leopard Printed Flat Iron

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Super damaging, not worth it even for the price.


I bought this straightener at an extremely low price, probably ten bucks when it was on sale at Target. When I first started using it, I thought I had found a miracle product! It worked pretty well for how much it costed. It was light and thin, very easy to maneuver around your head. It straightened my hair decently (it was not pin straight, but still) and could curl pieces of hair. However, about a month later I noticed that my ends started getting super dry! I had split ends traveling really far up my hair shaft. I believe that this was due to the plates being made out of a very cheap material. You can tell how bad the quality is just by feeling them. It's like finger nails on a chalkboard to me. I had to get a trim much sooner than usual. Also, at that time it also stopped straightening my hair as well. I do not know if that was because it damaged my hair, or because something was wrong with it electrically. Effectiveness Worked decently at first, but that stopped after about a month. Durability It wore out very quickly.

Las Vegas, NV


Amazing flat iron!


I purchased this flat iron because my previous flat iron was starting to wear out. I got this one because the features looked great and it's cute! Once i started using it I fell in love! The instant heat really works. Less than 30 seconds and it's already hot. I do wish it had a setting where you could adjust the heat level but I guess i would probably leave it up high anyway. I like the plates on it they glide over your hair and you don't have to squeeze hard at all. It doesn't pull hard on your hair as your straightening it. The show no signs of being worn after at least two months of use everyday. The cord is nice because it doesn't get tangled since it had a spinny thing, or whatever you want to call it, at the base of the flat iron where the cord is. My last flat iron was a remington but it didn't have the same kind of plates and over time it didn't work as well but i have been very pleased with this one.

Broken Arrow, OK


Remington 1" Leopard Printed Flat Iron

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