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Remington TStudio 2-1/4" Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron S-8400

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Cute, happy, straight, hair.


I have always wanted a straightening iron and I finally purchased the Remington T Studio three months ago. Everybody has reccomended the Chi to me so I was a little hesistant to purchase the T-Studio. I have been completely satisified with its performance and it is a great buy for the price. It gives you the ability to control the temperature, large flatening surface, and is very quick to heat up. Ever since I had children it has been hard to have the time to do my hair, but with my T-Studio I have cute hair in a couple minutes.

Modesto, CA


The remington t studio flat iron is great when it works.


I was extremely impressed with the preformance of the Remington T Studio Flat iron. The product heats quickly, is easy to use, and does an excellent job of straightening your hair.  The adjustable temperature ensures that you will not burn or overprocess your hair. my hair is excessively difficult to straighten and tthis product did the job beautifully, and as previously mentioned the adjustable temperature allowed enough heat to straighten the hair but the ability to keep the excess heat to a minimum.  The design of the plates, with a slight curve at the edge, allows you to smooth the ends of the hair under.  This is an excellent feature as it prevents that overprocessed unhealthy straightened look, leaving you with a beautiful sleek appearance.  As impressed with the product as I am, I also have a very serios issue with the product.  I have had my flat iron for apprximately 3 months and 2 days ago it stopped heating up. It comes on but never heats.  I only mention this because this isw the second one of the same type that has had the exacgt same problem.

Fayetteville, NC


Perfect for straightening wavy hair.


I received the Remington TStudio Flat Iron S-8400 as a gift almost 3 years ago and it was my first flat iron.  The person who bought it for me said her salon recommended this particular one because it's almost like a professional grade iron, but significantly less expensive.  I have been using it several times a week since then and have had no problems with it.  The flat iron has wide ceramic plates, which helps to be able to straighten out more hair at a time.  The temperature can be adjusted based on how thick your hair is (I've kept it at the users manual recommended temperature and it's been fine).  The placement of the temperature buttons was annoying at first because they're right where you hold on to the iron and I found that I kept pressing them while styling my hair, but I adjusted to it before long.  The results I get with this flat iron are entirely satisfactory.  I get sleek, smooth hair that really looks healthy and frizz-free.  (Normally, my hair is wavy and frizzy, but not completely curly.)  Would recommend it to anyone looking for a good flat iron that delivers results you'll be happy with.

Lewisberry, PA


Remington TStudio 2-1/4" Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron S-8400

4.0 3