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Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen Max 40% Deet 6.5 oz (Repel)

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Repel Sportsmen Max Repellent closes down the bug banquet


I'm a walking bug banquet. Mosquitoes and gnats flock to my flavor, preferring me to my husband. Repel Insect Repellent helps me close down the bug buffet and work comfortably outdoors for hours. It works effectively on my grandchildren, who are like deserts on the bug buffet. A few minutes before I go out to do chores, I spray on Sportsmen Max with 40% DEET.  The spiders use their webs as radio transmitters to broadcast my location, so I need to be prepared ahead. I know those mosquitoes are out there waiting, and I plan to spoil their day. West Nile disease, common in this area,is spread by mosquitoes. Repel keeps me bite free for up to four hours. The mosquitoes buzz up and zing away when they get withing six to eight inches of me. Can they smell it? I don't know, and don't care as long as it works! Ticks are a serious problem, as we live on heavily forrested land. I began spraying my hat when I discovered ticks can drop off onto people from trees and bushes. My shoes and ankles get doused to protect against ground level bugs. No lyme disease for me, either. Not only does Repel Sportsmen Max keep me free of itchy bites, but it repells disease as well. Don't go outside for work or play without it.

Bremond, TX


Repel the ticks to the max!


We are a family of avid hunters an sportsmen/women.  The ticks and mosquitoes are really bad in the woods.  We have tried many other brands of replants.  This seems to be the best so far.  It has 40% deet in it to help keep the tick, chiggers and fleas off.  The mosquitoes and the biting flies we rely upon the thermacell.  The odor is a little strong at first.  I just figure that is due to the deet.  Most repellants have the same pungent odor to them.  But with ticks I can handle the smell.  It doesn't leave you feeling sticky all over after it dries.  It does spray well even upside down.  I do suggest re-applying after 4 hours.  It seems to loose its ability to repel after that time.  We found that when one of us didn't use the Repel and the other three did.  Comparing the number of bites and tag-a-longs we picked up, it was considerable.  I do make sure that everyone has a can in their bag before we head out.  It does become a necessary if you don't like the bites.

Half Way, MO


Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen Max 40% Deet 6.5 oz (Repel)

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