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Flea & Tick Treatments
Revolution Flea and Tick Treatment

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I would not buy this again


Cat lost hair not too happy . Bring him to vet. This should not be sold

Lisbon Maine


Expensive junk for cats


My vet recommended this product. Pretty pricey, but we trust our vet, right? Shelled out incredibly ridiculous amount of $ for two elder cats who had never had fleas before. Four months later, after applying faithfully, entire townhouse is infested. Went to local pet center and bought Advantage II for large cats and within one month (actually 2 weeks) , no fleas. No flea dirt, no eggs.

Sarasota Florida


fleas have built up a resistance to revolution


I used revolution a little over 10 years ago on my last dog and it used to work good. My dog now does not like taking trifexis so I thought I would go back to revolution but since we started revolution all my animals have started getting fleas and my one dog is allergic to the flea bites and has really been suffering and I just now realized they had fleas and it wasn't sand fleas. But revolution no longer works at all.

Fort Myers Florida


So far the best!!


My cats are crazy skittish. Believe it or not, putting a few drops of flea medication on their skin has always been a huge struggle. This product has helped make it easier. It has very little odor compared to other similar products, and the applicators are see-through so at least you have an idea how much of the product you managed to get on them. I love it!!

Vancouver, WA


I will not buy/use/recommend Revolution again!


Spent nearly $200.00 for 3 cats, three does and did not work. Resorted to sprays, and now spent another $100 for Capstar and this seems to have worked. This in addition to multi-vaccuuming everyday, laundering all linens, spraying toys, cat condo/beds--you name it. Have never had a problem with fleas in past 25 years but have used Revolution for managing feral colonies. Something must be wrong with the product--complained to our vet and was told other customers have complained too.

Pickering, Ontario Canada


Suffering the torture of fleas


I took in two foster kittens, too young for flea treatment.. but my dogs, who caught their fleas had been flea free for years. The vet gave us Revolution for our 6 lb Cavalier pup and 15 lb Cavalier senior. Inside of two weeks they were scratching like demons. This product did nothing for them. The blue dawn bath I gave them was as effective. Never use this again and am thinking of changing vets, since he sold us another round, even though it can't be applied for 10 more days... yeah- like that's gonna happen.

Tacoma WA




Revolution has not worked on my dog for fleas or ticks. My dog has gotten fleas this summer and even worse..has been loaded with ticks. I sure hope it is at least working against heartworms but who knows? J. Clare

shady valley tn


Too expensive AND doesn't work.


Revolution/Selemectin is over advertised, vets get special rates and crank up charges for pet owners, and online distributors do the same. This does not work. In less than two weeks after applying my cat will have ticks embedded in her. Don't fall for false advertising. shame on the company that keeps this stuff in circulation.

Mendocino, CA


Will buy again


We've used this on our 4 cats recently. It really kills the fleas! Nothing else had worked on them. Only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is that 1 Cat lost fur at the application site, but that cat is more sensitive than the others. All 4 are happier and healthy. This is the 2nd month we've used it. Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats.





I am not sure this is working on my 5 month old kittens. This is my first time using Revolution on my kittens. I just applied the treatment two days ago and I am still finding fleas on them. How long do I need to wait for it to start working? This is a high price for a product that doesn't seem to help my cats.

Upstate New York

Revolution Flea and Tick Treatment

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