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Safety 1st
Rockin Jitter Buggy Activity Center Entertainer by Safety 1st

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Great for keeing little ones entertained


This is a super cute toy for your little one.  Mine has been thru two boys who absolutely loved it.  Its held up wonderfully and easy to keep clean.  The boys loved driving it around and being able to spin around in the seat and bounce up and down.  I used to put fruit puffs in the little spot in the back that looks like its where they would put the gas.  The kids loved listening to the music and pretending to drive.   It bounces  and shakes and it even has blinkers and a shifter.  This is a super cute toy and will keep your little one entertained for a long time.  The seat is removeable and it can easily be washed and washes up great.  There is a little toy in the back that has car shaped beads for them to play with.  I would highly recommend this toy to anyone having a baby, this makes a great alternative to the circular toys that most people buy.  Of course daddy loves it because its a car. 

Cedar Springs, MI


Rockin Jitter Buggy Activity Center Entertainer by Safety 1st

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