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Sassy Mam 5oz. Bottles Boy

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Great for preemies


These bottles worked great for my son who was born six weeks early. He wasn't very picky though and we received a couple of these from the hospital and used them in rotation with other bottles we hadl. The only downside is that they don't really work with a bottle warmer

Montpelier, ID


Unexpected good experience with these.


I was not expecting a whole lot when I tried these bottles. My friend swears by them for her youngest who has texture issues but I thought she was just being over excited. But boy was I wrong. These bottles are great. They are the only ones that her little boy will drink from. They are priced well, and even though they are smaller they are easy to clean. For a company I didn't expect to make very good bottles I was impressed with how well these worked. Child's Comfort I don't have a ton of experience with these bottles but what experience I do have with them have been great especially with picky babies. I am impressed with how well one of the babies that I often watch likes these bottles, he has extreme texture issues and has no problem taking these bottles. Leak Prevention I haven't experienced any leaking with them. Ease of Cleaning Super easy to clean, easier than others that I have used. Keeps Air Out There were no issues with air getting in with these bottles, which I was impressed with. Durability Pretty durable. More so than I thought they would be.



Cute and functional - great product


Being concerned about BPA, I had to look high and low five years ago to find a BPA free bottle (I actually bought these Sassy Mam's on Amazon). Now five years, there are a plethora of options to go BPA free and while I do enjoy Playtex and Dr. Brown's, these Mam's are some that I recommend because of their shape and durability. However, the bottoms can sometimes leak if you are not careful with properly screwing on the bottom cylindrical piece. I also do not think that the price is particularly cost-prohibitive, but of course, there are always bottles that can be found cheaper. I did not notice an increase or decrease in spit-up between these and other bottles I have used.

Chicago, IL


Sassy Mam 5oz. Bottles Boy

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