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Taylor Precision Products
Taylor Precision Products # Ultra Thick Glass Digital Scale with LCD Blue Backlit Readout

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Simple and accurate.


This scale is very basic and looks nice. It's light weight and very accurate. I checked it against the scale in my doctor's office and it is dead accurate, down to the ounce. I found it easy to use and read. Durability Even though it is made of glass, and looks like it would break if you drop or stand on it, it is very strong and durable.



I love my modern looking weight scale


Up until last year, I still had one of those old-school scales where the pointer moves across several numbers before stopping, and you can't see what the number is because you are too far away from them! I finally decided to purchase myself a more modern scale after I started my diet. I chose to purchase the Taylor Precision Products #7519 scale because it looked so sleek and nice. It is made with a 10mm thick glass and looks ultra modern. Your weight is displayed with digital numbers. There is a blue backlight so that you can easily read your weight, and also the numbers are a very large size so you won't have any problems reading them. The scale is super accurate because you can get on and off and weigh yourself several times, and still get the same exact weight result. It reads your weight up to the tenths place, which is awesome because sometimes it's important to know if you've even lost half a pound. The scale can read weights up to 440 pounds.

Chino, CA


Watch you weight with Taylor Precision Products #7519


I have been struggling with my weight for many years and I know best of all that it is really a bummer when you look at the scale and it goes up. usually, I would stop trying to loose weight but then I got they Taylor scale and it didn't fluctuate as much as my old one did and I was surprise when i gave me the right number every time, no matter what. I think that this is something that really should be in every house-hold because it really can help you loose weight, and they you know for a fact that you are really loosing weight and it is not just your scale having a good day, or a bad on if you gain. I think that this is a really important thing that people stay healthy and at their desired body weight, becuase if you have loose all this weight that you gain it is actually harder than just staying healthy. This is really the product that can help you the whole time! I really believe that anyone can loose weight with this product.

Burns, WY


Taylor Scale - no more fluctuating weight!


We had an old rotary dial scale that gave me a different weight every time I stepped on it.  Finally fed up, I started doing some research to find a new scale. The Taylor #7519 Ultra Thick Glass Scale with LCD Blue Backlit Readout fit the bill.  The customer feedback was good, it was sturdy and could handle a lot more weight than we would ever put on it (hopefully).  When I choose a new scale, I always look for one that will handle more weight than is necessary.  I feel that the scale will be more accurate and sturdy. The #7519 Taylor Scale will handle up to 440 lbs. and has 10mm thick safety glass.  The 1.4" blue backlit display is easy to read and has .2 lb. increments.  4 AAA batteries are included; and the scale has a 5-year warranty. We have had the scale for several months now; and it is extremely accurate. One tip:  Your weight will continue to be displayed for several seconds after you step off the scale; so be forewarned if your significant other is in the room! If you're looking for a sturdy, accurate scale, I hope you'll try the #7519 Taylor Scale.

Madison, OH


Taylor Precision Products # Ultra Thick Glass Digital Scale with LCD Blue Backlit Readout

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