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USAA Insurance

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If you can get USAA, Do it!!


I have had USAA for years dor both auto and home owners and I unfortunately had had to make my share of claims to both. Every time they paid and was very helpful during the claims process. I long their customer service and additional products such as roadside assistance (included into the policy free of charge). I can't tell you how many times I had to call them for my locked car or for a tow. I love how they operate and would recommend them to anyone who is able to get them. Im making sure I pass down eligibility to my children as well.

Suffolk, VA

USAA Claim Experience


I am a USAA member since the 70's. My granddaughter had an accident with a USAA member and was not at fault. So many mistakes made and not returning phone calls. I was horrified at the service and responses my granddaughter received. I use to work for USAA and good service was the one thing we were proud of. This is not the same company I worked for.

Tampa FL


The dark side of USAA


Around 2007-08, when the economy had be wrecked by the Great Recession, I became financially vulnerable. This is also when USAA abandoned me. Prior to the recession, I had acquired a USAA credit card at 4.25% fixed. When the recession hit, I used this card as my safety net. While this was a tricky situation, it was manageable. Then, one day in 2008, after historically paying all my bills on time, I received a letter from my USAA credit card. It informed me that my fixed rate would be increasing to 16%. Since this was not the original terms of my cardmember agreement, I was offered the option to decline the increase and close my account. I chose to close my account, so that I could continue to pay down the balance at 4.25%. A few months later, after continuing to pay all my bills on time, I received another, more troubling letter. This time, USAA said it found a loophole that allowed them to retroactively increase my rate to over 20%. I wrote many letters to the bank's president and regulators, but due to all the housing mess, my pleas fell on deaf ears. I warned USAA that if my rate increased to over five times my current rate, that would break me financially and force me to default on the credit card. No one listened, and my rate jumped through the roof for no real apparent reason. At this point, my monthly payments wouldn't even cover the interest. So, without any other options, I defaulted on the account. I endured 7 years of non-stop harassment from debt collectors, calling me day and night. I spent all this time on the sidelines, unable to buy a house when the market was low. I delayed marriage, and having children too. I spent 3 more years rebuilding my credit. USAA Bank is an evil soul-sucking branch of an otherwise great insurance company. Don't do business with these sharks.

Los Angeles


iffy confidence after 30+ years


I was a policy owner in my own right from 1987 until marriage to another military member policy owner. My policy number was "dropped" and I was merged under his. Both of my children were added to his. Within 10 years as they left home and married they were denied to USAA eligibility since they were not "his" children and neither had been on my earlier USAA policy (they were too young to be licensed at that time). All went well between the 80's until 2004. Outstanding service and respect and claim adjustments. Somewhere between 2004 and our next home purchase in 2011 things had declined. When we called, it seemed we were a bother. They no longer insured in Florida (our new home). We lost our benefit of multi discount with homes/cars in 2 different states. They demanded we get a $100 wind mitigation certificate to reduce our premium and when we did they said it "wasn't necessary" as the premium already had the discounted wind mitigation. They could not find the children (now married) in their system and were rude to them saying they weren't ever insured under their "parents policy and so not eligible". Hold times increased. They will not use email and the log in process is very complex. The iPad app is worthless, requiring IDs and passwords each time- easer to go online to use with autofill. The last straw was today with the flood quote- $100 higher than for the same coverage by ASI in Florida. They said they would fax but only the cover page came through. The quote was not available even on logging into the account so I had to re-request by snail mail. With our last auto claim (last was 18 years ago) they towed it to a USAA approved chain but then we learned (after 6 days of it being there) that that particular franchise address was NOT USAA approved and we had to ask USAA to tow t to another franchise 3 miles further. No other sites, including banking and investment sites, are so difficult to log into and they all email us directly. Its time for me to drop USAA

Sarasota FL




USAA are experts at denying claims and will avoid calling you back at all expense. My $5,500 claim in Winnsboro Texas was adjusted to $2,700 or so and then the add on from the body shop was for unforeseen damages of $14,700 approx. and USAA couldn't see the obvious in front of their face. Poor service, poor injustice to customers, would NOT NOT NOT recommend to ANYONE EVER AGAIN!



Not up to hype


This is cut rate insurance. When I put in a claim for a cracked windshield, using they're provider, Safelite, they tried to repair it, failed, then replaced it, with a Safelite "comparable" windshield. The driving experience went from the quietest car I ever drove to having to turn up the radio to having to turn up the radio to drown out the noise. The USAA representative said it was policy to use after market, non OEM parts, whenever available. The USAA representative said they can' arrange a meeting with Safelite to discuss wether they thought they're parts were good enough. REALLY!

Orlando, Fl.


My insurance company for 10 years now


A lot of what I read in the reviews in accurate, like extremely high premiums on home, auto insurance etc. we stick with them mainly as my husbands pay checks are deposited in the banking portion of usaa and it makes our lives easier having everything including credit cards and our car payments all with one company. Overall they have been great to our family, reliable, extra time if we are a little late... no over draft fees etc. it does cost more but the convenience is pretty much worth it. We did a claim in fall about siding damage, my husband called in as he didn't like the quote and they wrote a check so we could find someone WE liked better. Very accommodating.

Cleveland Ohio


Worst experience ever!!!


I am being charged almost $100 more on my premiums for my auto and rental insurance. I have tried to call them for an explanation, I have tried to chat. I get no responses. I do not have time to sit on hold for 15 minutes. I am waiting until my insurance is up and I am going to cancel. Would not recommend to anybody!

Butte, Montana


False advertising


I have been a loyal USAA customer for 16 years, first claim I ever submit for storm damage was low balled, never saw the insurance estimate or correspondence. Next thing I knew i received an email from USAA saying it deposited $500.00 in my account and i have a $500.00 deductible. The storm damage was over $2800.00, when i asked USAA to please reconsider they told me I was being ripped off and they don't pay off what i got was what I will get. It was almost impossible to get another estimate because everyone around me is doing the same thing. USAA told me lots a people overcharge after a storm and they wont pay, so I vae to. BEAWARE USAA DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR CLIENTS OR THE SOLDIER.

Baltimore Md


Horrible Claims Experience


I have had the worst experience with my auto claim with USAA. They have not paid for my rental car which was over $800.00 and they have only paid for 90% of my auto repairs. The body shop had to fight them to get them to pay that much. I am at this point out over $1800.00 and I may have to eventually go to mediation to get this resolved. They are very uncaring and are bad about returning phone calls. I have even spoken to management and have not gotten any resolution.

Houston, TX


USAA Insurance

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