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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret super model shimmering body lotion

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Victoria's Secret Super Model Shimmering Body Lotion is hot!


Victoria's Secret Super Model Shimmering Body Lotion is a hot product.  When I use it I feel like I'm a super model.  The scent is sweet and unique.  It has a fancy high-class smell to it, and I think it might just get you noticed in a crowd.  I can't really describe the smell, but it is original.  I find the texture of this lotion a little hard to explain as well.  That's because it's not greasy and it's not thick, but it has an interesting feel to it.  It will shimmer on your skin in a very lovely way, and I think that is what also makes the texture of this product so hard to describe.  I guess I would say that the texture is more on the thick side, than the thin side for a lotion.  The lotion itself is a pretty color as well.  What's great is that a little of this lotion goes a long way, if you use it daily, it should last you for months.  I like the way my skin feels after I use this product because my skin feels "soft and smooth" to the touch, and I thank Victoria's Secret very much. The bottle is cute and the detailing and the design are cute as well.  I wish the price was a little lower, but if you buy this product on sale or when it goes on clearance, it's like a dream come true.  I give this product a "7" on a scale of "1-10".  It's a good one.

Stockton, CA


Victoria's Secret Super Model smells so sexy!


This product goes along perfectly with the Victoria's Secret Super Model perfume.  It's nice to use both, because if you use the lotion first and then the perfume, the smell lasts up to four hours longer, whereas the perfume alone does not last as long, so the lotion is really awesome!  I used to work at Victoria's Secret for a very short period of time, and I worked in the beauty section.  When I wasn't busy helping customers, I would walk around cleaning my area of test samples.  I would also sample the perfumes and lotions so that if customers asked me for my opinion on my favorite scents, I could tell them what the most popular scents were, what the newest scents were, and what my favorite scent was.  Well, it turned out that my favorite scent was Super Model.  Super Model has such a sweet scent that just really attracts me to it, and I've found that lots of guys like it too!  It's my favorite Victoria's Secret scent by far.  I love it!

Salt Lake City, UT


victorias secret super model lotion is nice


i received the lotion as a gift it is a small container like a sample size or purse size it smells very nice and has the tiny specs of glitter in it and it isn't over bearing if you apply it right if you put too much on the smell is strong i wouldn't recommend applying it to the face i have had these glitter specs get in my eyes and irritate me but on the arms or shoulders would be nice

Hampton, VA


Victoria's Secret super model shimmering body lotion

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