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Electrolux E30EW75GSS Oven

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Poor choice


The oven is gorgeous but has a lot of fan noise. It is embarrassing when company comes over. We have had a tech out but he could not fix it. Save some money and buy a cheaper oven or spend a bit more and get a quality product. Worst purchase I have ever made.



Electroluz works great


This was a big selling point in the house we just recently purchased. It was stainless steel which I love and it was full sized which is a huge step up from our apartment sized one we had. It is really easy to clean and the timer is easy to use. I have not had any issues with it as of yet. My mom actually liked ours so much that when they needed a new oven they went with the same one we had. It is expensive and i am really conservative when it comes to spending money but we got a pretty good deal on the house because of the new appliances and I think they are worth it. i would totally reccomend this oven and it is a good brand name. We ar every happy with it! If you are looking for a good brand this is it!

Kankakee, IL


Electrolux E30EW75GSS Oven

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