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2 BIG thumbs down--do not recommend :(


I had nothing but trouble with Revol wireless for the whole 4 hours that I had their service. We were long time users of Verizon but the monthly bills got to be too much. So we did our research looking for a no-contract cell phone provider. We found that Revol looked like the company for us. We terminated our contract with Verizon & went to Revol to sign up. We did this on a Saturday. My boyfriend was starting a new job on Monday & having a cell phone was a requirement. The rep at the Revol "store" was very nice and seemed knowledgeable. I believe she was even a manager. She helped us pick out phones (we were buying 2) and our plan. We asked about coverage area and were promised that we would be fine at our home. We went home & had no service. Our phones kept telling us that we had no money in our RevolBucks acct to make receive calls. We were never informed of or had we heard of RevolBucks. I had to go online to find out that in roaming areas you have to have money in a separate account to pay for those calls. We called the Revol rep that we purchased the plan from & she had no clue what to do. We ended up going to a different location to return the phones. We were told that we could return the phones for a refund but they do not refund the money paid for the plan!! We never even used it or made any calls so we threw a fit. Supervisors/managers were called and we were finally told that we could submit for a refund but it had to be approved by the finance dept but would take up to 2 weeks IF it was approved, but we could get the money back for the phones that day. Needless to say, we were not happy at all with our experience. We did end up getting a refund in the mail in about 10 days. The problem was, my boyfriend needed a phone for his job and was not able to get another until we got that refund. So he went his first week or so on the new job without the phone that he was required to have because Revol was holding the money that we needed to have in order to buy one.

Norwalk, OH


Great Deal, Unlimited everything for $45 a month! Can't beat it.


Revol Wireless is an awesome phone provider. I pay only $45 plus tax a month and have unlimited talk, text and mobile web. The only thing about this is you have to buy the phone, but the prices on these are reasonable. With no credit checks it was easy to obtain. This has tremendously helped my monthly budget!

Newark, OH



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